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U.S. to give Apache attack helicopters to Pakistan .

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    U.S. to give Apache attack helicopters to Pakistan .

    U.S. to give Apache attack helicopters to Pakistan

    This was reported by Yahoo India that The Pakistan Army is all set to receive a batch of six Apache attack helicopters from the U.S. early next month, after nearly a decade-long arms embargo, reports here say.

    The six AH-64D Long Bow Apaches will be part of the $73 million American assistance to Pakistan announced last week to strengthen its western borders with Afghanistan.

    Although it is not possible to confirm the version of these choppers, it is believed they will be either AH-64 or AH-64D, a report in Al-Akhbar daily said.

    The U.S. on November 7 announced it would provide Pakistan with $73 million in emergency funds to safeguard the security of its borders, particularly with Afghanistan.

    Assistance will include helicopters and planes, land vehicles, communications gear, night vision goggles and also direly needed training.

    The batch of six Apaches comes after President Pervez Musharraf promised the U.S. authorities he would launch a crackdown on cross-border movement along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border but required help in terms of military hardware including helicopters, spare parts for Pakistan's fleet of F-16s and other equipment.

    Musharraf and his team during talks with U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had demanded greater military assistance from Washington for security of its borders and vital nuclear installations.

    Pakistan's nuclear assets are guarded by air capping done by F-16s but due to non-availability of fast running out spares Pakistan had to cut down flying hours of its F-16s.

    Another report in a Pakistani daily said the country would soon receive the first shipment of spares for its depleting fleet of F-16s.

    Islamabad believes international concerns about the safety of Pakistan's nuclear assets can only be put at rest if the country is provided with state-of-the-art ground and air equipment for the security of nuclear installations.

    Unrest by religious organizations which oppose Pakistan's decision to support the U.S.-led strikes in Afghanistan have sparked off fears of a threat to the Musharraf regime, and consequently of nuclear installations falling into the wrong hands.

    "The batch of six Apache helicopters will give lethal teeth to the Pakistan Army, which has not inducted any top of the line system into its inventory for more than 10 years now," says a defence analyst. It recently inducted Ukrainian tanks and some very insignificant defence systems.

    The AH-64 attack helicopter's four wings hard-points can carry 16 Hellfire missiles or 76 rockets (or a mix of these weapons) and the under fuselage turret is designed to collapse harmlessly upwards in crash landing.

    It also houses a 30mm chain gun with 12,000 rounds of ammunition. The entire structure is designed to withstand hits of any type of ammunition up to 23mm calibre.

    The AH-64 chain gun can disable a tank from 1.5 km and the Hellfire missiles have a range of 6 km. Apache's new version AH-64D can use radar-guided Hellfires, which can be used in a "fire and forget" fashion.

    Greece, the U.S. and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are using Apaches AH-64 at present.



    Yeah i think these probably the Apache helicopters shot down in afghanistan. So basically Pakistan getting half shot up apache helicopters


      I personally find this extremely hard to believe. The US only sells Apaches to its trusted allies such as Saudi, Egypt, Israel & Britain. America knows full well that historically Pakistan has strongly swung between being pro-US and anti-US, depending on Pakistan's national securoty interests. Furthermore, any US equipment in Pakistani hand will be closely examined by China, Pakistan's strongest ally and defence partner. I doubt America would be willing to take this risk.

      Furthermore, in the attack gunship role, Pakistan would be most likely to request AH-1 Cobras, which are not only considerably cheaper, but are also already incorporated into Pakistan's Army, meaning that the logistical system to support them would be in place.

      In conclusion, and given that this deal was not reported nowhere else, such as respected defence news sources such as Jane's Defence Weekly, this "deal" exists solely in the over-stimulated mind of an Indian journalist.
      Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


        I'd be inclined to believe it.

        There's another report in Jang online today that the US is supplying border security equipment to India.

        Still people will fail to see how the US benefits from regional squabbles and will NEVER be an honest broker in resolving disputes between Pakistan and India.

        Both these countries are fools to continue along these lines. WHY ARE WE FIGHTING?

        Let Pakistan withdarw military support to Kashimr guerillas and let Indians withdraw their joker troops who can only kill civilians and can't find or fight real mujahideens.

        Declare Kashmir an autonomous region and everybody can spend their dollars on education and health rather than filling Uncle Sam's pockets.
        JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


          Will be a huge mistake to take these machines coz we already have Cobras and adding Apaches will add to logistics, support etc... When we already have the infrastructure for Cobras for quite some time now so cobras should be the choice.


            Like I said, this had yet to be reported by any of the respected defence issues press. More likely some Indian journalist heard that the US was selling 6 helicopters to Pakistan, and leaped to conclusions.
            Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


              boy i'd love to go to army aviation now


                fakeer, thanks for posting such an important news item.

                It was always believed that there will be some air surveillance equimpent included in the $73 million grant. Apaches come to think of it are not a bad deal by any means considering that we haven't received any military aid from US in a decade. Also recent wars have showed us that air power in modern warfare is the ultimate weapon against the enemy. It surely changes the old dictum that foot soldiers are key to winning wars. Our Air Force needs a shot in the arm specially when compared to ever modernising Indian Air Force. I will be even more hopefull if we can now get as soon as possible the badly needed spare parts for our grounded F-16s. I am assuming Musharraf raised the issue when Rumsfield visited Pakistan.


                  yes wise amn they are giving spare parts 4 the f-16's too. its in that article..


                    CM, it maybe in the article, but are they really coming ?