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Justifying the nuclear capability of Pakistan (and India, too)

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    Justifying the nuclear capability of Pakistan (and India, too)

    Alizadeh's post was a very good one. But the more pressing question is that: is Pakistan's decision of not to sign the CTBT justified? I mean, you would not expect any country now to use nuclear weapons. I am sure India is not a fool to abuse its nuclear powers today as it can easily draw world condemnation, severe sanctions and total isolation which would doom the already suffering economy and development of the country. Pakistan is under no threat from the Indians.
    Pakistan has greater problems to solve such as the crumbling economy, internal conflicts, sectarianism, water and electricity shortages, budget problems, international debts and so on...
    The sanctions imposed as a result of the tests are further deteriorating the economic crisis of the country. So why not break the ice? Why not sign the CTBT? Pakistan's step will surely be appreciated by all.

    "Only two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity." I am not quite sure of the universe...

    Do you really think western powers will be inclined towards Pakistan after we sign this treaty???.. I have my doubts !!!
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      Oh c'mon! Someone's got to do it now. We can't just keep our powers which are of no use and then suffer from the sanctions too.


        Yes i am inclined to agree that we should sign the CTBT.
        But for a huge deal like 75% of our debt whipped off or something.
        Not out of the goodness of our hearts.
        Myself, Ahmed and Saba Baji discussed this earlier in the month or was it march.
        Look for it through the threads.

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          I completely support India's stance on CTBT ... as it is based on logic.. not knee jerk reaction

          India will not sign CTBT as it says that the Big powers have already done what they wanted with it and are imposing their imperial will on others...

          in addition to that US though has signed it, does not want to ratify it as it says it is against its national interest....

          so in effect.. US does not have a leg to stand on.. it cannot brow beat others to agree to something which itself will not sign.... height of hipocracy.

          so what is India and Pakistan want to blow themselves to smitereens.. it is not going to effect many other countries as all the radiation will be kept localised.. mainly..