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Pak moving ahead of India in nuke capability: Report

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    Pak moving ahead of India in nuke capability: Report

    Great News!!
    Pak moving ahead of India in nuke capability: Report

    (Islamabad, March 25)

    PAKISTAN HAS edged past India in nuclear weapons capability since the two countries conducted nuclear tests in May 1998, London-based Jane's intelligence review reported.

    India, which has grander national aspirations, moved at a slower pace in deciding and completing delivery systems, evolving procedures, tactics and doctrine for nuclear use as well as for ensuring effective control over nuclear forces.

    Pakistan on the other hand moved quickly to implement effective systems and procedures for its more modest nuclear arsenal, Pakistan daily The News quoted the weekly as saying.

    "In all these areas, New Delhi proceeded at a slower pace, insisting on creating an original Indian system. Pakistan has more fully implemented the lessons that it has learnt from already established nuclear powers," it said.

    Indian nuclear policies and forces are controlled by its political leadership, scientists from atomic energy commission and defence research and development organisation, it added.

    "India views nuclear weapons as necessary for their political utility; their ability to bring international prestige and provide deterrence vis-a-vis Pakistan and China."

    But the political leadership has not fully thought through specifics of nuclear use or doctrine and does not view such weapons as possessing military utility and discounts the possibility of them being used on the battlefield, it said.

    Contrary to this, Pakistan's nuclear forces are controlled by the Army and have been more fully incorporated into the country's overall military strategy, the weekly said.

    Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan,
    Lafatah illa ALI,
    La Saif ila Zulfiqar

    Excellent News.
    Our armed forces are truly better.
    Now imagine the money we could get from exporting all this technology - nuclear ecp - to our friends.
    And imagine how pissed off the US will be.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      The incorporation of the Nukes into our defence means ONE thing. They are our last resort. This shows the true aspect of the situation. We have a smaller everything (army, navy, air force) and we need the nukes because of the threat faced from India. It is a clear message... If india attacks us we are willing to use nukes!


        I never had any doubts about our nuclear program.. hats off to our scientists.
        now I believe in a few years Pakistan will be among the few countries capable of launching satellites in to earth's orbit
        There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the end the sword will always be conquered by the spirit. --Napoleon Bonaparte


          Just hope that the likes of the sharifs and bhutto's never infiltrate pakistan politics again...

          CE is doing one heck of a job with the limited resources he has available to him but he needs time.
          Hope he doesn't succomb to the pressure in restoring democracy prior to laying the foundations.

          Hated by many~~Loved by few~~But respected by All~~