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Rich Pakistan gives Sri Lanka 20 million dollars for arms purchase

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    Rich Pakistan gives Sri Lanka 20 million dollars for arms purchase

    After helping India in quake relief , Pakistan's magnanimous regime is giving Sri Lanka 20 million dollars for arms purchase (report in today's DAWN).

    Blesses are we to have such a generous neighbor........!!


    You should be proud

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      Its a line of credit.....we are not giving the $20 mill cash away. Its a line of credit equal to that amount, which Sri Lanka can use to purchase arms only, from Pakistan, worth upto that much. Not comparable to the aid given to India for the quake.

      This is primarily because Pakistan manufactures some of the best weaponry in the world, and Sri Lanka wont be the first country to purchase small to medium arms from Pakistan. The list of our customers is a long one, owing to the superior quality and excellent skillmanship.


        Its called arms export. Our weapons are good and we want to sell them so why not give them on loan to Sri Lanka. This way we can sacure a big market and that means more jobs in Pakistan... Simple, no one seems to complain when the US does it or Russia or anyone else. The way pakistan gets oil from the mid east sri lankans get what they need the most.


          in the long run pakistan wants a base in
          sri lanka. india should help tamils to neutralise pakistan's help


            Poor Chilli on another envy trip again. Face it man Pakistan is building trust and cooperartion across South Asia, while India is looked on with suspicion and hatred. Pakistan has excellent relations with the likes of Nepal and Sri Lanka, while India is detested in both.

            rvikz remember the last time India tried to "help" anyone in Sri Lanka. It ended up being rifle butted and kicked senseless by both sides in Sri Lanka!


              What bordering nation likes india... none..
              what bordering nation likes Pakistan.. all but india.. so who is the problem maker..
              come on indians, you're one of the most
              hostile nations in the region and you dream
              of isolating Pakistan ??
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                India just recently increased its defence budget and ours just fell. We are now selling Tanks and all kinds of miliraty equipment including training jets! So if our defence industry picks up....good for us! More valuable forex. India tried for 20 years to develope this tank...what was the result: a tank that is slow, too big and super heavy. It is so big that it cant fit on the railway network, its so heavy that conventional bridges will collapse! Its a joke basicly. Our great tank, THE MBT KHALID has already penetrated the international market! u see that extra defence spending is now paying off!



                  It is nothing to make fun of. that is way to go and do business.



                    Yes Chilli drop your obsession and biterness man. You are becoming an embarrasment to your own country now.



                      We are exporting our defence equipment to even nato and western countries, this is a shining example of what we can achieve.


                        More good news on the excellent relations between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

                        No take it easy Chilli


                        Kadirgamar meets Musharraf

                        By B. Muralidhar Reddy

                        ISLAMABAD, FEB. 16. The Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar, who is here on a three-day official visit, today called on the Pakistan Chief Executive, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, and appraised him of his country's efforts for the revival of the SAARC process.

                        An official statement said Gen. Musharraf lauded the Sri Lankan Minister's efforts for the revival of the process ``stalled by India'' since November 1999 and assured him support.

                        The Chief Executive briefed Mr. Kadirgamar on the Pakistan Government's efforts for the `resumption of dialogue' with India and resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the relevant United Nations resolutions and `aspirations' of the Kashmiri people.

                        Mr. Kadirgamar briefed Gen. Musharraf on the peace process in Sri Lanka. The Pakistan Foreign Secretary, Mr. Inam ul Haque, also attended the meeting.

                        The Sri Lankan Minister is to meet the Pakistan Foreign Minister, Mr. Abdul Sattar, and exchange views on matters of mutual interest. The focus of the meeting would obviously be Sri Lanka's efforts for the revival of the SAARC process.

                        The importance of Mr. Kadirgamar's visit cannot be over emphasised as Pakistan and Sri Lanka enjoy excellent relations. Recently, Pakistan has emerged as one of the dependable allies of Sri Lanka for supply of military hardware. Earlier this week, there were reports of Pakistan granting a $ 20-million loan to Sri Lanka for purchase of weapons.

                        During the day, Mr. Kadirgamar met the Pakistan Commerce Minister, Mr. Abdul Razzak Dawood, and discussed trade relations.

                        An official statement said that avenues of further expansion of trade could be discussed in joint ministerial commission to be held shortlyThe two Ministers exchanged views on the areas of likely cooperation.



                          So much for the indians sayin we are isolated eat your words !


                            Originally posted by PJ:

                            So much for the indians sayin we are isolated eat your words !
                            yes pj i can hear musharuff sitting in a
                            dark room crying india is stealing my freinds


                              Pity rvikz is getting so emotional nowdays. Maybe its the sight of India being detested by ALL its South Asian neigbours? Musharraf's Pakistan is being welcomed by the likes of Nepal and Sri Lanka while Indians are being chased out.

                              Whether it be South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia and East Asia. General Musharraf is being welcome everywhere - no lectures, no sermons, just good honest deal-making.

                              Contrast that with Vajpayee and his mini-tour of East Asia, where he had found that GREAT China had beat him to the post every time