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Sea Spark: A True Demonstration of an Islamic Naval Muscle

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    Sea Spark: A True Demonstration of an Islamic Naval Muscle

    The joint Naval exercise comprising Pakistani and Saudi Navies called " Sea Spark" began in the oceons alongside Pakistani coastline. Both Navies have deployed their best Naval hardware and elite sailors in these exercises in a true spirit of Islamic solidarity.


    By: Mohd Saleh Zafir

    Islamabad: The Pakistan navy has begun its first war exercises of the new century "Sea Spark", along Pakistan's coastline and in the open sea. In these exercises, Pakistan navy combat ships, destructive missiles, boats, submarines, torpedo boats, and all the aviation wings along with their aircraft and helicopters are participating.

    Seven Saudi navy ships are also participating in these exercises. The Saudi fleet, which also includes helicopter-carriers, arrived off Pakistan's coast last week with about 1,500 highly trained officers.

    The chief of the Pakistan navy, Adm Abdul Aziz Mirza, conducted a detailed visit of all the coastal posts along with senior naval officers on Wednesday [31 January] and expressed satisfaction over the exercises. Adm Mirza visited every coastal post in Balochistan, where he met the officers and sailors of the Pakistan navy and gave them his expert instructions.

    The Jang special reporting cell has learned that Pakistan has informed India of these war exercises in advance. These exercises will continue until 10 February.

    Military sources have told Jang that the Agosta submarine purchased from France is also participating in these exercises for the first time.

    Naval chief, Adm Mirza, told Jang via a special communication link on Wednesday from the exercise posts that he was satisfied with the quality and pace of the exercises. He said that Pakistan navy sailors and officers were in high spirits and they were participating in the exercises dutifully and diligently. Replying to a question, he termed as baseless reports by Indian media that naval ships of the UK, France, and US were present within Pakistan's maritime borders.

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    This is excellent news.
    Pak is going strong with its military build up.
    And at the same time working towards a strong west ward policy.
    Military and FP working well together for the first time in the last 10 years.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Sea Spark is the clearest example of the success of the CE's "Look West" policy. If this Naval co-operation is extended to include the other Gulf states and Iran, if as seems it is possible then Pakistan will emerge as the most powerful Naval power in West Asia.