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Pakistan To Purchase AEWACS...?

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    Pakistan To Purchase AEWACS...?

    There's a news floating around that Pakistan is to purchase six EMB-145 AEWACS( Airbrone Early Warning and Controls Systems) from the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer. Four jets for PAF, and two for the Navy.

    A very fascinating development, if true. This jet is laden with Ericsson radar, control and warning systems and can illuminate low flying objects within a radius of roughly 240 kms.
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    I haven't read anything pertaining to this matter in JDW or any other defence journals. Just wondering, if anyone else has more info in this regard or following a similar story.

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    Yeah I heard about this, our Airforce has put this on the top of their list, I understand that the negotiations, have gotten very far, and that the final details are being hammered out.

    Yes a very GOOD development.