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Pakistan Producing NATO Standard Weapons

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    Pakistan Producing NATO Standard Weapons

    ISLAMABAD (August 18) : The manufacturing process of Pakistan Ordinance Factories (POF) follows the standard of Russian and NATO arms, sources said here on Thursday.

    "Pakistan has become self-sufficient in the production of conventional arms while production of cannons and ammunition for battle tanks is also continuing," the defence sources said.

    They said that POF is currently meeting the entire requirements of Pakistan Armed Forces, which, they added, is the step towards full defence self-sufficiency.

    "All POF products meet international standards including those of NATO and Russia and POF was recently granted ISO-9000 certification by the AOQC Moody of Britain," they added.

    The POF complex, situated 40 km from Islamabad, is also making efforts to develop variable time fuses for 81 mm and 120 mm mortar bombs. In this context, some experiments have been conducted. Fuses for 150 mm artillery rounds are in the development stage.
    "POF emphasises the manufacture of low-cost anti-tank weapons, instead of the expensive and more destructive anti-tank guided weapons system," the sources said.

    "The POF is also manufacturing a wide range of anti-tank cannons including 125, 100, and 105 mm HE rounds," they added.-Internews

    Thanks for sharing the news, but can this be considered as one of Pak’s achievements or is it just another fazool project?

    Outlaw, could you plz explain what this can mean for Pak, in terms of economy, tech, and International recognition in this tiny lil field? What can this mean for our defense budget?


      Dear Sabah, IOQC Moody is basically an audit firm which issues ceritification of quality and standard. POF approached IOQC and requested for an audit so it can adverise itself as an elite arms and ammunition manufacturer. POF has been granted its desired status after a detailed audit.

      POF has been vigrously trying to increase its profitability through exports over the past few years. I think, currently, exports figures stand at about $35-40 million which is peanuts. It will certainly enhance POF's overseas clientele.

      The newer products are definitely very sophisticated as well as fascinating. Especially the 'delayed-time' fuses. The desctructive power of any bomb or shell can be enhanced and controlled through time variability in explosion upon an impact. This is achieved through an element of surprise, as the enemy doesn't know when
      the explosion will actually occur. Once this technology is perfected, it could also be used in making bombs and rockets for PAF. This technology is widely used by the airforces of developed countries, especially NATO. It also gives figter aircrafts time to escape after dropping bombs.

      Israel is helping India in upgrading its 150 mm cannons. Its a great news that Pakistan is in the process of making same improvements through indiginous sources following the same standards as NATO. I also think that POF must focus on developing more accurate and lethal guided(laser) anti-tank weapons. This technology is readily available in China and can be easily imported.

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        Thanks Outlaw

        I wish I had some background info on the topic so we could talk about this in details – I only understand the export opportunities and if the developers are our own ppl, then I for sure am proud of them. I wonder why we never hear about these ppl, or about our positive achievements in general.


          Pak arms export rises to $30.2 million annually

          ISLAMABAD (September 4) : Pakistan has succeeded in earning a respectable place in the international arms market by producing high quality modern weapons, increasing its annual export to $30.2 million.
          Pakistan is rated among the few countries manufacturing high quality and reliable arms and ammunition," said Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) Chairman Lieutenant General Abdul Qayyum, in an exclusive interview to APP.
          Lt, General Abdul Qayyum, said, having met 100 percent arms requirements of military, Navy and Air Force, the POF industrial complex made a remarkable increase in its exports to 30 countries in Middle East, Europe in the year 1999-2000.
          "The 107 percent increase in our exports in the last two years, is a proof that not only the prices of Pakistani arms and ammunition are competitive, but the quality is also of international standard," he added.
          The POF chairman said it is a matter of pride for the country that it exports increased from $14 million to 30.2 million in the preceding year. After getting ISO 9001 Certification, early this year, its exports are expected to rise further, he added.
          "We have earned a place among countries whose technology is considered not only superior but at par with advanced countries," the chairman said.
          The POF exports are made strictly at government to government level, as Pakistan does not want that its arms and weapons fall in wrong hands, Lieutenant General Qayyum stated.
          The chairman attributed the performance of POF, described by Moody International as one of the finest defence industries of the world, to the hard work, discipline and dedication of its over 33,000 employees in an industrial culture fostered in the organisation in the last couple of years.
          "We are trying to create a sense of belonging among our workers. I personally meet a large number of workers each day, the result is increased interaction, quick redressal of their grievances, an environment of mutual confidence and a surge in our production."
          Lieutenant General Qayyum referred to a number of initiatives taken 'to materialise commercial success of the industry and said that private-public co-operation can be mutually helpful in the larger interest of the country.
          "We believe that we can expand corporation with the private sector and we have been in touch with various chambers of commerce for the first time in POF history, we want to encourage the vending industry and decentralise some of the POF functions with a view to boosting the country's economy," he said.
          He said, the POF wants the private sector to manufacture items which were currently being imported. "The private sector can get from us some standard raw materials like brass, copper, tungsten carbide tips and tools and different kinds of chemicals.
          The POF could also offer hard steel, tools and bush bearing of special steel to many local industries. "Many items which are used in the ceramics, leather and sugar industry could be manufactured by the POF for example brass copper in all forms can be manufactured by the brass mills of the POF."
          In addition, he said, the POF has written letters to Pakistani missions abroad to update them about our performance as well as invited Islamabad-based foreign diplomats to the POF.
          The chairman said, besides, the POF has been engaged in a continuous process of upgrading and modernising its machinery and plants. He said, computerisation and research and development have also been accorded special attention.
          Lieutenant General Qayyum underlined that the sustained success of the POF as a national institution requires greater autonomy and he has forwarded suggestions to the concerned quarters in this regard. The matter of autonomy both in financial and administrative sphere is at present under consideration at the highest level, and, he hoped it will be done soon.
          "The empowerment of POF is necessary for sustained efficient results, it should have the power to hire bright brains against attractive salaries - our suggestions are being considered at the highest level and I am hopeful that this will be streamlined shortly.
          To a question, he said the POF Wah is conscious of its world wide reputation and do not export for the purpose of political, economical or military exploitation.
          He said the management believes in long term relationship rather than making a one-off deal. They have a history of no default on their contract, he added.
          The chairman said they have resorted to open door policy, undertaking the development work in the defence sector on commercial basis, by availing the co-operation of private sector.
          He said they are now arranging regular exhibitions of their products home and abroad for seeking more demand.
          Replying to another question, Lt, General Abdul Qayyum said he is fulfilling his responsibility as Mayor of the City, looking after the welfare of more than 300,000 local residents. He said he meets the people on every Friday after Friday prayer at the main mosque, to attend their complaints and suggestions.
          The products which POF has exported during the last five years included:
          Rifle G3, Machine Sun MG3 and Sub--Machine Gun MPS 7.62 mm NATO and 9 mm parabellum Ammunition.
          60 mm, 81 mm and 120 mm Mortar Bombs 25 pounder, 105 mm HOW, 122 mm HOW Artillery Ammo, 106 mm Anti Tank Rocket 40 mm Heat (RPG-7) Mines and Pyrotechnics Tungsten and Brass Scrap.-APP
          Copyright 2000 APP (Published under arrangement with Associated Press of Pakistan)


            Well i wonder if india will buy weapons from us.

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              India doesn't need to buy...we'll send 'em the Ghauri missile free of charge


                Yeah but then countries like Isreal would like free samples too!!!

                CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                  Originally posted by CM:
                  Yeah but then countries like Isreal would like free samples too!!!

                  They'll be used on Al Marhamat-ul-Uzma (The Armagadon)

                  ***Sitaaron Pay Jo Daltay Hain Kamand!***
                  The ORIGINAL Falcon -
                  Tu Tundi-e-Baad-e-Mukhaalif say na ghabra ay Uqaab
                  Yeh tau chaltee hai tujhay OoNcha urRaanay kay liye


                    Pakistan to test its own Inter-continental Ballistic Missile next year

                    ISLAMABAD (September 28) : Pakistan has achieved the capability of developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and will test an indigenously made ICBM next year, reports said here on Wednesday.
                    "Pakistan has achieved this capability purely through its own efforts because no country on the earth is ready to sell us an intercontinental ballistic missile or to transfer this sensitive technology to the country," sources that requested anonymity, said.
                    The sources said Pakistan has developed ICBM with range of above 2,600 kilometres, and will test-fire it next year.
                    They said that despite acquiring the expertise to develop an ICBM, the country has not decided to start its production in bulk.
                    "Pakistan is far ahead from its neighbouring adversary, India, in the missile technology, and its engineers and scientists have succeeded in reducing the CAP of Shaheen-II to just 100 metres with full payload and a range of above 2,500 kilometres," the sources said.
                    "With the reduction of payload, the range of Shaheen-II can be extended up to 3,000 kilometres," the sources said.
                    "Pakistan's achievements in the missile technology will force India to refrain from attacking the country and it will be compelled to come to the talks table, instead of hurling threats."
                    The sources said that Pakistani engineers were also working for improving the accuracy and extending the range of the nuclear-capable long-range Ghauri missile.
                    It pointed out that Shaheen-I had hit its target at a speed of 100 kilometres per minute while the new version, to be tested next year, will fly at a speed of 160 kilometres per minute.
                    "Shaheen-II, a two-stage missile, will be the most accurate and deadliest missile in South Asia. This missile will include all the latest systems, including the terminal guidance system, and with the addition of another stage, this can be converted into an ICBM," the report said.-Internews
                    Copyright 2000 Internews

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                      Woh this needs some digesting! 2600 Km range - that means we can hit way into Central Europe! I've got to read more on this exciting new development!


                        Damn there goes Israel and our here comes our status as rogue nations!!!!
                        Damn good, we have built the thing at home, by our very own scientists and enginners.
                        That is very good.

                        CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                          Shaheen 2 is really a very interesting project, but something's wrong. I've been hearing about Shaheen 2 since last year. The missile was scheduled for testfire this year, but recently it has not been in the news at all.


                            Originally posted by Dr Who?:
                            Shaheen 2 is really a very interesting project, but something's wrong. I've been hearing about Shaheen 2 since last year. The missile was scheduled for testfire this year, but recently it has not been in the news at all.
                            shaheen II is an extension of the Shaheen I takes years of effort to produce a missile....and I hear that they have tested the rocket motor for Shaheen II...that would a bigh achievement by itself.


                              I hope they test fire it soon, and start its mass production!!!