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Modernization of the PAF

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    Modernization of the PAF

    Well, after today's remarks by Gen Musharraf that Pakistan is in talks with China to jump start the task of modernizing the PAF, it is now confirmed that PAF will likely recieve the lions-share of the defence budget this year. The details are still very sketchy. There was a rumor stirred by the Jane's Defence Weekly, few weeks back, that Pakistan might purchase 150 F-7 jets in order to neatralize the superiority of the IAF, in the short term.

    I read in another news that Pakistan has struck a deal with Lebanon to purchase all of its unused Mirage Jets, although I am still unable to confirm that reprort.

    Pakistan is suffering an acute shortage of the 'modern-era' jets capable of dilvering 'Smart Weapons', and Electronic warfare. In my opinion Pakistan might excercise the former option in order to fullfil the gap quickly, and can then focus on the programs like the development of FC-1.

    I have exhuasted all my intellegence sources, and only thing I am able to confirm is that Pakistan Airforce is about to go through a major revamplization ,and addition of hundreds of modern Jet-fighers..More to come

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    Well quite true about the China connection here is the para from the dawn.

    LIARI (Balochistan), July 1: The chief executive, General Pervez
    Musharraf, said on Saturday that Pakistan would buy Mig F-7
    fighter jets from China to strengthen its air force for upcoming
    Recalling the deep-rooted relationship with China, he said: "We are going to have a deal with China
    because the government wants to make the air force strong to meet the upcoming challenges.

    "We purchase a lot of things from China with whom we have a very old relationship," said Gen
    Musharraf, who had last week described the completion of the Chinese-aided Chashma nuclear
    power plant as an important milestone in Pakistan's peaceful pursuit of nuclear technology.
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      In my view, modernization and expansion of Pak Navy must have priority over other forces. Though that dones not mean we should ignore other forces and para militaries including Jihadis.

      Sarfraz Khan


        There were news that India is planning to buy more Su30 planes on top of 18 that they already have. Even though it will take a long time for them to get these planes but Pakistan needs to get new planes too.
        Pakistan has waited a long time for the Super-7 that will start its test flight by the end of this year inshallah. But by the time pruduction of Super-7 starts we need to get some good planes. I think that Pakistan should also consider Mirage 2000's.
        I also heard the rumor that Pakistan has bought 10 unassembled Mirage3,5's from lebabnon that are in France right now. There were also rmors that Pakistan will buy Mirage F1's and then upgrade them to something good.
        At any rate there is a lot of things going on in PAF and every one knows that PAF is something that India is really scared from other than mujahideen. I think that Perwaiz Musharraf is taking some good steps and modernization of PAF is really a good step.
        We really need to fill in the gap till we get Super 7's.

        unity, faith, discipline
        Pakistan Zindabad