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Hmmm..Indian invaded in 1965?

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    Hmmm..Indian invaded in 1965?

    Looks like that with Kashmir gone, Ayub Khan's son is spilling the beans...Those of GPians here, who salute Pak army all the time, and say India was invader all the times, should read this

    Kashmiris ‘misled’ Ayub in 1965 war: Gohar

    Doctored reports led to killings of
    scores of Pakistani commandos

    By Rauf Klasra

    ISLAMABAD: A large number of Pakistani commandos out of the 4,000 sent by President Ayub Khan to occupied Kashmir in 1965, were butchered and hundreds arrested by Indian forces in 1965, said former foreign minister Gohar Ayub in an interview to The News.

    He said Ayub Khan who took the crucial decision of sending commandos was, in fact, misled by the ‘doctored’ reports of Kashmiri leaders from across the border that painted a rosy picture that the entire population of valley was ready to fight Indian forces and they would help the commandos occupy the target territory in the valley with armed struggle of local masses.

    He said these secretly conveyed ‘doctored reports’ from the then top leadership of Jammu & Kashmir about the potential of uprising against Indian rule led to a big disaster and resulted in killings and capturing of Pakistani commandoes after Indians closed their entry and exit points at Kargil and others areas.

    Consequently, he said, Pakistan was left with no option but to open other fronts to ease Indian Army pressure on trapped commandos. Gohar also revealed that after Pakistan ran short of ammunition in the 1965 war, Iran and Turkey supplied massive ammunition to enable Pakistan to fight for 17 days.

    Gohar, son of President Ayub Khan, disclosed that the ‘doctored’ reports gave the strong impression that the population of valley was ready to fight Indian forces. But, he said, when Pakistani commandoes sneaked into the valley, they came to know only four districts of Muslim majority were fighting and rest of the valley was in no mood of any revolt against the occupation forces as reported.

    Gohar disclosed how the-then foreign minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had presented a report to Ayub Khan based on secret communications with Kashmiri leadership. He said Bhutto had the reports from Kashmir that Pakistani commandoes would get massive popular support once they entered the occupied territory.

    Based on this report, every commando sent to Indian Kashmir was given two rifles and additional ammunition. Each commando was supposed to keep one rifle with him and distribute the other in the local population to fan a massive indigenous war against Indian occupation.

    Gohar said that his father sent commandoes only after getting satisfied with the so-called 'credible reports' of Kashmiri leaders that they only needed some support from Pakistan to liberate Kashmir.

    Gohar who served as foreign minister of Pakistan in 1998, in addition, to his stint as speaker National Assembly was with his father when the first full scale martial law was imposed in Pakistan. Nowadays, he is writing his memoirs and digging into the personal diaries of his father to unfold many secret aspects of Pakistani history from 1958 to 1974.

    Many close friends and associates of Ayub have written about that momentous period with particular reference to the war with India and the 'war of liberation' in Kashmir with the code name of 'Operation Gibraltar'. Gohar 's book is likely to be meaningful for obvious reasons. Gohar said the major aim of sending commandoes to Kashmir was to 'internationalise' the Kashmir issue.

    Gohar said his father was preparing to fight a war with India and for this purpose he joined Baghdad Pact to get American weapons. Pakistan was getting ammunition from Americans and its allies in the name of training but half of the ammunition was being secretly stored in Pakistan Army depots for use against India in case of a full-fledged war.

    Gohar said Kashmiri leaders had told Pakistan through secret communications that although, they would not be able to publicly declare their support for Pakistani soldiers, yet they assured that once the commandos entered Kashmir and started their fight against Indian troops, every body would stage a revolt against India. The reports claimed that armed struggle had already started inside the valley.

    Bhutto presented this report to Ayub who approved 'Operation Gibraltar.' But, when the commandoes entered the valley, they sent horrifying reports back home as the earlier assurances and information of Kashmiri leaders turned out to be 'doctored' and commandoes were trapped.

    Ayub and the entire leadership of Pakistan was in a fix as 5,000 commandoes were trapped and could be slaughtered by Indian troops. The Indian Army immediately captured all the major entry and exit points like Kargil, Pirsahab, Nemil and Pakistani commandoes were stranded without any support from local Kashmiris.

    Gohar said that many commandoes were martyred or captured by Indians. Some of them managed to escape and return to Pakistan. The Chamb Jaurian front was opened to force India to ease pressure on besieged commandos. Pakistan Army fought heroically and, at one stage, were about to capture Akhnoor.

    Gohar disagreed with some observers and said that even if Aknoor had been captured, Pakistan Army could not reach Srinagar as the road to Srinagar passed through Banhial pass from a tunnel.

    After Indian premier Lal Bhadur Shastri announced on September 4 that New Delhi would launch attack on international border, Ayub directed C-in-C General Musa to move the army into operational areas of war.

    The advance in Chamb Jaurian sector had to be halted in view of insuperable difficulty of constructing a bridge on the river that lay between Pak Army and the Indian city. Moreover, Pakistan was running short of ammunition and had to seek help of Turkey and Iran who generously provided ammunition.

    Gohar said the ceasefire was a prudent option and it would be unkind to criticise the decision. He said there is no doubt the Pakistan Army gave excellent account of itself and amazed the world with an unprecedented display of valour and gallantry, but it should not be forgotten that it could fight only for some days.

    Pakistan was meeting its defence needs from external resources while India was manufacturing it locally and they could afford a long battle. A long war could go against Pakistan. There was no point in continuing the war after Pakistan had failed to achieve its targets within first seven days of war, Gohar concluded
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    Re: Hmmm..Indian invaded in 1965?

    How stupid this Gohar guy is? He just finsihed two Indian spies
    Secrets sale to Pakistan: India zeroes in on two brigadiers

    By Iftikhar Gilani

    NEW DELHI: India has zeroed in on two former military officials who had held the posts of brigadier in the Directorate of Military Operations (DMO) following a disclosure by Gohar Ayub that the Pakistan Army had bought military secrets from an Indian brigadier during the 1965 war.

    Gohar’s claim that the brigadier was then heading the Directorate of Military Operations (DMO) has placed the suspicion on two officers: Brigadier NC Rawlley (retired as a lieutenant general) and Brigadier Narinder Singh (retired as a major general). Both were in the DMO from May 1965 to January 1966.

    Gohar, however, told an Indian reporter by telephone that neither of the men were the person he mentioned in an interview on Monday.

    Indian security officials said that Gohar’s claim fell through as he said these plans were bought in 1957 when his father was commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Army, which would make them useless for the 1965 war.
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      Re: Hmmm..Indian invaded in 1965?

      India crossed IB in 1965 and yes Gohar is stupid


        Re: Hmmm..Indian invaded in 1965?

        guess stupid generals and idiotic military strategy is not a novelty that mushraf brought to pakistan!


          Re: Hmmm..Indian invaded in 1965?

          Shaam ke Surmay Andheron Mein Yoon Mere Dil ke Daag Jalate Hain.
          Jaise Parwat ke Sabz Pedon Par Barf ke Baad Dhoop Padati Hai.
          Door Rah Kar Bhi jo Dil Ke Pass Rahata Hai,Use Sitamgar Gair Kahata Hai.