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Flying Coffins OF Indian Air Force,...

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    Flying Coffins OF Indian Air Force,...

    These stats are from couple of years ago,...You can add more flying coffins lost or crashed till 2005,...

    Flying Coffins OF Indian Air Force
    185 MiGs lost, 50 pilots killed In 10 years

    Published In Tribune News Service India
    Air Force (IAF) keeps flying these overworked machines overlooking the safety of its pilots.

    In the first four months of this year already six aircraft of the IAF all from the MiG series have tasted the dust of which three have been MiG-21s. And there is no guarantee as to how many more will fall off the Indian skies, claiming how many more lives of young pilots who have been looking for a career in the IAF.

    The Indian Chief of Air Staff had last year claimed that there was no problem with the MiG-21s and that the fighter aircraft would continue to serve the IAF at least till the end of this decade. However, the rate at which the MiG series of aircraft, specially the MiG-21s, have been falling off the skies, it will be interesting to note how many of these aircraft will actually be left with the IAF by the end of the decade. It would not be in the interest of the Air Force to reduce the flying on its MiG-21s, referred to as the flying coffins in Air Force parlance.

    For facts, the IAF has already lost more than three squadrons (each squadron consists of approximately 20 aircraft) of the MiG series of aircraft over the past three years and three months itself. Of this, more than two squadrons have just been of the MiG-21 fighter aircraft.

    As per the details furnished by the IAF, while 18 MiG series of aircraft were lost in 1998-99, the number has remained unchanged over the last two years also. Of these about 40 aircraft which have been lost have been the MiG-21s.

    The financial loss of over Rs 600 crore aside there cannot be any assessment for the loss of life in these accidents. Over the past three years over 25 pilots have been killed in the accidents, for which the IAF explains the reason in most of the cases as human error. If we take the details of the accidents over the past decade the figure adds up to a staggering 185 MiGs lost and over 50 pilots killed.

    So called "Human Error" occurs when operating in almost war-like conditions, there is extra pressure on the pilots to perform and to achieve.

    This however does not explain why the already overworked MiG-21s are being flown. They also blame high temperatures under which MiGs are flown Incidentally, the IAF has been carrying out more than 60 per cent of its flying on the MiG-21s.

    However, the experts say that with almost 60 per cent of flying being carried out on the MiG-21s, any amount of upkeep of machinery will not be adequate.

    The resultant wear and tear could have an effect on the engine at any time. Experts say that more accidents were also happening as the pilots were being suddenly asked to fly MiGs, which are a high-demand aircraft, after getting the training on the low-demand ones. Despite the best training being imparted to the pilots, they were somehow not being able to cope with the sudden high demand of flying the MiGs. Creating considerable doubts about air force training programs and pilots abilities.

    According to them, most of the inquiries have pointed to deficiencies in the training of pilots as one of the primary reasons for accidents. The IAF has been compromising on standards. With few youngsters keen on taking up a flying career with the Air Force, the authorities have been forced to choose from the borderline cases, they said.

    Incidentally, a recent internal study report of the IAF has pointed out that most of the pilots involved in crashes were those with a lower flying aptitude. This again brings us to the point that the IAF has lowered the standards for selecting the pilots. Leaving a big question mark that what will happen in case of war. According to analysts, a relatively low aptitude, together with the demands for a high-skill aircraft like the MiG could prove to be very dangerous. The MiGs are being used to impart the stage-III training to the pilots which puts pressure on them after getting the initial training on aircraft like Kiran, which are sub-sonic in nature.
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    A Faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.

    Re: Flying Coffins OF Indian Air Force,...

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