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    Damage Control

    How would you handle a case where a document with somewhat negative information taken down by your team member in a conference call gets emailed to everyone on the conference call including the person about whom the negative point was made.

    More explicitly.

    Member X is associated with company XY and is working on a advisorial role for Team A whos client is AA.

    X and Team A are on conference call. X says stuff about company XY product for AA. Team A member notes it as X seems very interested in selling products made by XY. Phone call ends and the meeting notes are sent to everyone in the team A and X

    X is advisory but a very important constituent of the whole project because X interacts directly with a fourth party that determines how well Team A handled the project after its completed. Also X is part of the reason Team A is currently working on this project.

    X gets email and responds with " I was not selling the product..." and seems rather hurt by the accusation. X had so far been extremely helpful to Team A and is a key reason for their success.

    What is the best way to limit the damage done to this relationship. X does not know which team member took notes, and a primary contact in the team though knows each member individually as well.

    What approach would you take to fix things? How quickly? by which team member? what should the communication say or do for X?

    ok ideas please.