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cant mke up my mind:~

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    cant mke up my mind:~

    Im going to join university in cumin september, the problem is tht i hve to mke a choice from three uni's and i really cant make up my mind..

    now it might be of help if get to know wat u wud choose out of these three, keepin in mind the scope of the degree and the uni itself...

    1. UCL, degree Economics and business with east european studies BA

    2.City University, Economics BSc

    3.Brunel university, Politics and Economics Bsc(4 Year thick sw course)
    ..walking on eggshells..

    UCL - University College London right? I think that is the most reputable, thought both City and Brunel are well known colleges in England at least. What really matters is how you build your network of contacts because they are the ones who will drive your career forward or backward later on in life. That is if you are career focused.

    Do any of these colleges allow you to cross register courses with LSE or any of the other big name economics schools in europe? If they do then i would go for that because it will give you the chance to get big name schools on your resume while also getting education from more then one college.


      Sharara, I'm speaking as a recent graduate (graduated in 2002) recruited into a major multinational in the UK, and also as a person now recruiting for said company.

      When it comes to jobs, the difference between courses won't matter. All that will matter is the name of the university.

      For God's sake pick UCL!!!!! It will make you MUCH more desirable on the job market than any of the other two. My company literally would not recruit you into a management role if you went to City or Brunel... your application would be rejected almost immediately (unless you are a spectacular student), and I know for a fact that many other companies feel the same way. On the other hand, if you went to UCL, we would be very interested in you.

      If you went to UCL, and with that degree, you'd have a strong shot at very good jobs with all of the big name blue-chips (so long as you end up with a 2:1 or a 1st).

      UCL is known to have one of the best economics departments in the country. PLEASE pick it. The Eastern European studies part will help with job apps too, at it will demonstrate international awareness.

      There is no contest. You must pick UCL.

      My brother did a 3-year economics degree at UCL. It has a lot of maths in it. He also had the chance to do accounting courses at LSE as part of his degree with UCL too.


      I don't know if your school careers advisor has tried to feed you the government's BS line about all unis being about equal, but I will tell you this: from a business recruitment perspective, unless you go to a top university, you're more likely to get passed over come job app time. UCL is one of the best in the country - it will set you up for a bright bright future inshallah.
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        yeah both of u must hve thot why is she havin 2nd thoughts about UCL, actually i had no clue about the course so tht confused me..

        but rite now im soooo happy, ive just got back from the UCL open day, it was great, now i know what the course is about, i know the course is for me gosh im soo happy
        i consider myself soo lucky

        hmcq thankuu soo much.. yup they told us all about the significance of network of contacts...
        LSE did not offer me a place.. im not sure about the cross register courses though

        mAd_ScIeNtIsT yup inshaAllah i'll be going to UCL, at the open day they did brief us as u jus did regarding the importance of universities.. thankuuu
        ..walking on eggshells..


          congratz n good luck sharara i have heard ucl is a great place