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    All you Project Management freaks

    Ok..I rarely ask for input regarding professional things. But I need some help. If any one has ever done large offshore Outsourcing deals, I need to get some info on Client Relationship Management. Escalation, Reporting, Dispute resolution, Metrics reporting (technical and B-Plan) etc/

    I am lookiong for input from persons who have worked at Larege tech/Business process outsourcing companies, BIG 5/4 or IBM, CSC and other. Best would be from offshore projects. Either in management consulting (advisory) or hands on Client management.

    I will reciprocate with whatever you have to ask.

    I have done a major implementation of Oracle Financials in US (working with almost all development team working out of Pakistan.
    "Let your friends underestimate your virtues. Let your enemies overestimate your faults." - Godfather.


      That is great Faisal uncle, but I need to know what is entailed in Client Relations in large scale, >$100 M offshore outsourcing deals. Any help would be great. Danke Shoen!


        You need to be a bit more precise on what kinda information you need. Is it just ideas on successful implementation (tips and traps).. or do u need a detail project methodology for off-shore implementation?
        "Let your friends underestimate your virtues. Let your enemies overestimate your faults." - Godfather.


          I don't need methodology on how to do the work. That is a job for techies. I need to know about proper client interface models from strategy (deal making)--Planning(Pilot phase) and Implementation (onshoing client support). The parameters are defined above.


            I will write something in the evening, after office, unless you need this quite urgently.

            ps. With the qualifier that what I may have understood from ur post, may not be what you are asking.
            "Let your friends underestimate your virtues. Let your enemies overestimate your faults." - Godfather.


              Aray Faisal yaar...I am just honored to have your input. Just post the fkin crap.

              I could use all the help I can at this point. I have to give a presentation in a few days and time's awasting...


                Alright. Here it goes. I am just recounting how we did the project implementation. You can gleam the required information for your presentation.

                The Project was implementation of a new system. The bulk of development team was based off-shore. After approval of the RFP, we assembled an on-shore team of Functional Consultants (FC).

                Phase 1.

                Information gathering. Appointed a Project Lead from FC team. FC conducted a series of meetings with the user group and upper mangement to verify the requirements documented in the RFP. Identified key-users. Produced a deliverable at the end and got sign-off from the management.

                Phase 2.

                The FC team was split into on-shore and off-shore components. Off-shore FC team documented the proposed system. On-shore FC team conducted a series of additional meetings to fine-tune the solution. Produced a deliverable at the end. After presentations, got sign-off

                Phase 3.

                Assembled teams of Technical Consultants (TC). Off-shore FC and TC conducted a series of meetings to map out the solution. Assembled a skeleton onshore TC team. Both onshore and offshore FC/TC teams were merged to forge the actual solution based on user requirements. Produced a proto-type and a deliverable at the end. All proposed changes logged and for new requests, generated Additional Work Orders. Management buy-out on additional requests. Got sign-off. Solution frozen at this point. No additional user requests.

                Phase 4.

                Appointed a Project Lead from TC to take over from here. Started pilot testing by the key-users. FC/TC joint teams were available to guide the users through. Provided test plans. Off-shore TC will make changes. No deliverable. After completion of testing, obtained sign-off.

                Phase 5.

                Offshore TC, stabilized the product. Transferred the final product on-shore. On-shore TC and key-users deployed the solution. Key users carried out training sessions for normal users. Parallal run of the solution. Sign-off

                Phase 6.

                Product went into production. On-shore TC/FC team onhand to monitor transition issues. Data transfer carried out by joint TC/FC teams, with help from key users. Joint TC/FC team provided support for 15 days after production.

                Phase 7.

                Post-production support. On-shore TC remained for the duration of the post-production support period as per the contract.

                Dipute Resolution:

                User requests will be routed through the "key-user" group to the Project Manager from client side. This will be transmitted through secure website to the Project Lead of the Contractor. Will be allocated down to development team. All requests logged with their resolution.

                Time Management:

                Weekly status meeting between onshore Contractor Project Manager and Client team. Gantt charts used to track progress. Deliverable-based billing. During post-production support, monthly billing.
                "Let your friends underestimate your virtues. Let your enemies overestimate your faults." - Godfather.


                  Faisal yaar…I really hope that the Banya pays you for your services. The a-hole makes in 6 figures and his yearly bonus is more than my yearly income - way more. Don’t be giving him free advises. If I have your permission, I am meeting with him later in the day for a drink, I will ask him to treat me as a payback to you.


                    Faisal: I will use Phase 7.

                    The way I laid it out was.

                    1) Due DIligence & Contract (Swat Team Developent, client/vendor composition.

                    Due-diligence: People, Process, Tech, Costs
                    Contract: SOW, Legal , Pricing, SLA's, Financial, Risk
                    B-Plan creation

                    2) Transition (day-1)

                    Migration of systems/People to vendor entity

                    Dispute resolution plan, COntingency plan, Communication & Reporting

                    3) PMo creation (both client/vendor represented)

                    Vendor assumes full responsibility for work done offshore
                    Multiple client visits throughout the year
                    Weekly Metircs reporting to review success of process/tech golad as well as B-Plan metrics.


                      I am slightly off topic but I have a quick question on phase two and phase three sign-offs. I'm in the process of a software implementation and going through a design/build phase. Although, I have got all the requirements supposedly 'signed-off'... now that we are in design we are getting into issues, like-to-haves etc..

                      I would like to know the significance of phase two sign off...what clauses I should have in is it done and made should I relate phase 3 and phase 2 signoffs if there is a major change in requirements.