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Joining Back Previous Employer (Advice Needed)

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    Joining Back Previous Employer (Advice Needed)

    Assalaam-o-Alaikum and Hello to all,

    I need your advice and input here. I had recently left my last employer for a new opportunity I found. I left my previous job on good note and good relationship with my manager and teammates. However, things didn't quite seem to work out for me at the new gig and I had no other option but to leave my new job. Now, I am so depressed and thinking that I should've have given more thought to my decision on joining the new job before leaving my previous job. Now, I am thinking if it would be ok to go back to my previous employer. I had a conversation with my previous manager before leaving and he didn't seem to want me to leave however, I told him that it was a hard decision for me as well and one has to make the career move when an opportunity shows up.

    I need your advise here. Would it be ok if I try to get back to my previous job? My hesitation is that:

    1. The position may be filled (however, last time I heard it was still available.)

    2. Now, that my manager saw that I had left my job and even though I want to come back, wouldn't he be hesitant in getting me back knowing that the risk would be there if I decide to leave again in future?

    Please advise. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    (Allama Iqbal)

    Re: Joining Back Previous Employer (Advice Needed)

    Hi Patriot,

    Apologies for responding late.

    Sorry to hear the new opportunity didnt work out for you. Going back to the previous employer largely depends on them now. Its no longer your decision. They will find you as a risk candidate. Unless you were a star performer , they will hesitate to bring you back onboard.

    Also even if they do take you back , chances are your progression will halt because this time you will be working on their terms , which means at some point the same frustration that previously pushed you to seek new opps ,will kick in again and you will once again be forced to look for other opportunities.

    I recommend that you take some time and patiently look for other opportunities , at least for the time being , and keep an eye on this firm , say a year later if a position comes up and you approach the manager , they will give you much better response then what they would if you approach them now.

    I hope this makes sense ..
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