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Need Help....Choices, Choices.....

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    Need Help....Choices, Choices.....

    I have some choices to make soon. I have to decide on what degree i want to do. I have just finished my first year of A Level and need to decide university applications etc. soon.
    I am British born but I am looking to move to Pakistan later on for family reasons and expressed interest in an earlier post on becoming a lecturer as it seemed secure and quite well paid.
    Well i thought i would put across my exact situation so i can get a good answer.
    My grades for A Level should be pretty good. I am hoping to get two A's and a C.
    The options i am considering are :

    War Studies at Kings College London
    Sociology at LSE or Birmingham
    Mangement at Kings College or Manchester
    Politics at Manchester or Essex

    I want to move to Pakistan afterwards but need a job which while being well paid is also secure which is why i have been put off the business related degrees as i have seen many friends change jobs. A friend of mine has been in consultancy, recruitmant and now in accountancy. Me myself would like security. Another friend of mine is earning a lot in accountancy but the workload and constant exams have put me off.
    Generally lecturing seems secure. I wish i did medicine like my mum wanted me to now.

    So in short those are the options and basically my questions for people in Pakistan regard the reputation of the universities i have put down. LSE is an outside choice and i probably won't get in.
    The Politics, Sociology and War Studies i hope to lead to lecturing while the Business to lead to anything Business related. In Business my interest areas are marketing, sales and management so my questions revolve around the demand for my qualifications in these areas.
    An idea of pay in the business sector for these areas would be nice. I will do a a masters as well before i leave and if lecturing i will probs do a pHD.
    I am stuck between business and the lecturing prospect so help would very much be appreciated.
    Thanks very much.

    well lecturing in business studies is probably the route to go, more demand for that in Pakistani institutions than politics, war studies or sociology.

    as far as security, being a teacher is not quite as secure as you may think, until you are tenured you have very little security. There are politics of academia involved. Lecturing is not the only thing you will do to get tenured, you will have to do research and you may have to serve on various committees in the university.

    security and job prospects should be components of your decision but the biggest factor should be, what are you interested in and what are you good at.

    I have seen many ppl jump on the IT bandwagon who did not have real skills or were not naturals for the field and did not do well.
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      Is there anyone in Pakistan that you know is a lecturer? 'cuz the areas you have laid down are NOT so highly paid. All these social sciences or political science lecturers usually end up teaching at some Govt college/university and obviously this is not a well paid job. You'll be extra lucky if you get to teach at some private college, but that would be more likely as a visiting faculty.

      In my opinion, since you are in UK, you should go for Accountancy (if you can). The Accounting grads (CA/ACCA) are one of the highly paids in pakistan. I agree there is a tough time studying accoounting, but at the end it pays you well.


        Fraudia and Pumpkin thanks for your help.
        Wouldn't a pHD guarantee security in the lecturing field?
        I was told to do computing but to be honest i do not have much of an interest in it and haven't done it.
        A friend of mine has contacts in Pakistan were i to choose accounting but that is on the basis that i get a decent degree and accountancy qualifications. My friend is 24 but is still doing exams to develop further, well he is driving an Audi TT so he is benefitting from this hard work.
        If i was to do business as teaching what am i likely to earn?
        If i do accountancy in Pakistan is there security? because my friend has also told me to consider it as he says in the UK anyway it is a very secure sector and once you have a qualification you are sorted.
        Is it best do a degree in Economics or should i do management or something else for accountancy?
        What do accountants who are well qualified potentially earn?
        Thanks very much both your help is much appreciated.


          okayt first things first...what are you good at, what are you interested in personally. What field of study and profession will challenge you motivate you and you will like it enough.

          That is first..

          once you have outlined those, then you rank them in terms of interest with no consideration to security, compensation etc.

          then you find out the compensation and security etc general info and then figure out what to do.

          so start that exercise. compensation and security is not just based on hwta field it is, but also how good you are at what you do.
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            If money and status is your main reason for finding a job later on, then you will be dissapointed.

            First of all, you can make money in almost everything, given you are good in what you are doing.

            You can make also good money "without" degrees by opening your own business ect..

            If by making money you are not enjoying your work, you will land in a corner room.

            Lastly, Money alone does not make happy!

            My resume, study something that takes your interest and rest will shape wth time.


              Chaltahi if you do not have anything useful to add then may I suggest other forums.

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                Well i have just finished business and enjoyed that...but i haven't done anything related to numbers....
                I enjoy something challenging. Current Affairs and society interest me and thats where politics and sociology caught my interest as they were heavily involved in the matter.
                I haven't had any experience with accountancy so i wouldn't know if i would enjoy it. I'm good at numbers although i didn't feel i would do too well at Maths Alevel....i was 2% of an A at GCSE so thought if i can't do well at GCSE i won't do it at Alevel....
                I'm doing Politics and Sociology now and enjoyed Sociology especially as it allows me to analyse.
                I am more of an essay man than a yes no answer man.
                I don't enjoy things if they aren't challenging because i need to stay motivated so if something is too simple or is boring i probably won't like it.
                Thats generally where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and what i enjoy and not enjoy.
                I hope that is helpful.
                P.S I can;t speak Arabic and am not a Hafiz that rules me out of a Madrassa job unfortunately.


                  I did a bit of research today and thought that it would be unwise to jump straight into accountancy as i have not done anything related to it.
                  I chatted to a few friends today about how accountancy is and what it involves.
                  It seemed OK to me but i think it may be a good idea to play it safe and at the same time gain a qualification.
                  The economics modules of business studies i enjoyed a lot and i wouldn't mind doing economics as a degree as it allows me to think and is very relevant to the world and current affairs which is important to me.
                  During my research today i found a course that is primarily economics but is joint with accountancy so leaves me exempt from some modules of the three year study after graduatin for a CA which seemed encouraging.

                  Economics i like and at the same time getting an accountancy qualification. If i don't like accountancy i can do pure economics after the first year. Either way i am doing economics which is a pretty broad degree and if i do it with accounts that makes it even broader and not too specific which it could have been if i was to do pure accounting.

                  Seems like a good compromise. The uni by the way is City which has a good reputation for business courses and has a high graduate employment rate. My grades should get me in easily enough. My other choice will probs be an outside try at either economics at UCL or accountancy and finance at LSE.

                  Any thoughts, advice....i have been getting a lot from friends recently and will continue to as this decision is important.
                  Generally i have been told to do economics as i like it and it is very broad.
                  Tomorrow i'll speak to friends about the City course and see what they think.


                    If you choose economics, you may want to put some focus on econometrics, seems like thats where many opportunities are in academia as well as industry. NY can tell u better since thats his background.

                    City is a good school, but if you are looking to move to Pakistan and teach, your concern may be less with local placement rates for graduates vs image in your target country. City is a great uni and I know several ppl who went there but maybe universities etc in pak would be more familiar with LSE for economics.
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                      LSE and UCL are outside bets.
                      The other four applications will be to Kings, Queen Mary's, City and Manchester. Any advice out of these four.
                      I had a long discussion with a friend of mine and he suggested doing the chartered and after a discussion it seemed realistic as it sounds like something i'd be fine with and is secure and well paid.
                      He suggested opening up a practice or doing chartered in Pakistan while getting the qualification here. How much approximately would an accountant look to earn?
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                        I cant help you with salary info for CA's in Pakistan. The person to talk to about this is Faisal, he worked in pakistan as a CA with a top firm and can give you salary ranges at diff levels and diff typs of firms.
                        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                          Chartered Accountancy (CA) remains one of the more highly paid professions in Pakistan, though this statement needs to be qualified, as always, by your own ambitions and opportunities.

                          At one time, CA's were few and thus were getting exorbitant salaraies. Less than 1% of all candidates passed the test. But with newer regulations, exemptions and more structured testing mechanism, it is easier to pass CA now. Though it is still very tough.

                          To become a CA in Pak, you must get an articleship with a professional firm. You won't get paid much during this 4 year period. Without articleship, in most cases, you can not appear for the tests, conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountancy in Pakistan (ICAP).

                          The starting salary for a fully qualified Chartered Accountant in Pakistan varies a lot. They get from Rs 25,000/month (in a professional firm) to Rs 45,000/month (in private industry). With 3-5 years post-qualification experiece, and if they are good, they can get from Rs 50,000/month to Rs 110,000/month or more. These numbers are just provided as an estimate and should be used with care.

                          Opening your own practice is always an option, but without a reasonable network of professional relationships, like in most other professions, having your own practice might not work. Most people work with reputed professional firms for several years, until they are offered partnerships or carve out a niche for themselves and go out on their own.
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                            Thanks for your help.
                            Just a few questions....
                            You spoke about the articleship....if you have a CA from the england and wales institute and about 3 years post qualification experience then do you need to go through that 4 year regime you spoke about.
                            Hopefully i intend to do my degree, then work 3 years while studying for the CA exams.
                            Inshallah i will pass and may woek a couple of more years and save up some money and then move down to Pakistan.
                            Can i go staright into industry or do i have to do additional exams in Pakistan.
                            Thanks again for your help.


                              If you are a CA from England and Wales with 3 years of post-qualification experience, then you can start a job with a professional accounting firm as a Manager, right away.

                              You don't have to do 4-year articleship, but if you intend to practice in future, you need to be a member of ICAP, for which you do need to pass the test for the subject of "Taxation". Double check the last point, because the rules were changing quite rapidly in the last couple of years.

                              If you are good and find the right job, then you are looking at a salary range of between Rs 50,000/month (in professional accounting firm) and Rs 80,000/month (in private industry).

                              There are many Eng & Wales CA's working/practicing in Pakistan. If they want to practice, then obviously they get ICAP membership by passing that one test.
                              "Let your friends underestimate your virtues. Let your enemies overestimate your faults." - Godfather.