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INFOSYS,Faced with Sexual Harrasment Law Suit

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    INFOSYS,Faced with Sexual Harrasment Law Suit

    India pride itself as information trechnology power house in Asia.Particularly because of its large billion people out of which atleast 1/3 constitute middle class that normally were employed by The british to run the govt & east India co. in the beginning.

    The sedantary nature of Indians ,hankering for security of pay check through employment drove thousands of young science graduates to technology from the pool of Engineers from its IITS now 6-7 of them

    One such Engineer from IIT was lucky & talented entrepreneuer enough to establish a soft ware co .in Banglore by name of INFOSYS.

    AS luck would have it it is battered recently by global bust post 9-11 & recently by scandal of one of its european employee MAXIMOVITCH a BULGARIAN single white female 30yrs old who was forced upon by mr.Murthy .

    Story behind Phaneesh's resignation


    INDIAWEST [ FRIDAY, AUGUST 02, 2002 9:00:27 PM ]

    FREMONT: Reka Maximovitch, 30, an American citizen of Bulgarian descent, is behind Phaneesh Murthy's abrupt resignation as Infosys Technologies' head of sales and marketing in the US.

    Late last month, Murthy had resigned citing that he needed to defend
    a "wrongful termination and sexual harassment" lawsuit filed by a former employee.

    The case was registered on December 17, last year, at the Alameda County Courthouse in Oakland. According to the complaint, Maximovitch started working for Murthy around October 18, 1999. Immediately after she took over her job, "Murthy began subjecting the plaintiff to an ongoing campaign of sexual harassment and pressured her to engage in a sexual relationship with him," the court papers said.

    Murthy's lawyer, Valarie J. Follet, denied the claims made by Maximovitch. "There are a number of inaccuracies in the complaint. Her claims are totally unfounded and cannot be proven in the court of law," Follet said. "The lawsuit reads like a soap opera. We would definitely be dissenting the charges." As the matter is in court, Follet declined to rebut her charges.

    Maximovitch alleges that it was a "do-it-or-else" situation for her from the word go. She alleged that Murthy threatened to fire her if she did not comply with his advances. "Murthy repeatedly told the plaintiff that he answered to no one regarding how he ran the US offices," the lawsuit claimed. For fear of losing her job, Maximovitch said she "capitulated to Murthy's incessant advances and had a single, sexual experience with Murthy, which she immediately regretted".

    Following this, Maximovitch decided not to return to work. According to the lawsuit, Murthy told her that if she returned to work, things would get back to a professional footing. Although a professional atmosphere prevailed for "a short while," Maximovitch claimed that the advances continued and she unwillingly resumed her relationship with her boss, which continued for months.

    When she refused to return to work, she was "constructively terminated by Infosys and Murthy," said the court papers.

    Murthy then began to call the plaintiff at home or her new place of employment or even at her parents' house, Maximovitch has alleged. Between January and June, Maximovitch said she obtained two restraining orders against Murthy, the first of which he allegedly violated.

    Maximovitch's lawyer, Randall B Aiman-Smith, does not rule out the possibility of an out-of-court settlement. "However, if necessary, my client is ready to take the case for trial."
    rved. |

    Wohi Hota Hai Jo Munzoore Khuda Hota Hai ... :nahnah:

    Bad Indians..bad..Bad...

    How dare they create a successful company with a market cap of $7B. Bad....BAd..

    If you tell a story..have a point. It makes it a little more interesting for the reader.

    thanks in advance.

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      Ditto Chaltahi.... I left the post to see if people felt it worthwile to respond. otherwise it is of limited value here unless you are trying to show us ethics in Business.