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Teaching at the College/University level

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    Teaching at the College/University level

    Anyone know what is required to teach at the college/university level? Any information would be great. Thanks

    it depends on
    1- the institution i.e. what University/College you want to teach at
    2- the level you want to teach at: Undergraduate degree programs ;
    Postgraduate diploma programs ;
    Graduate level programs
    3- your faculty status

    For teaching at University with a faculty status of an Assistant Professor or in some cases an Associate Professor, you normally require a Ph.D. or you should be near completion in your Ph.D. program.

    For teaching at University with an instructor status, you need a Masters degree in a related field. Positions such as these are exceptionally rare.

    For teaching at a Community College in a degree program, you need a Masters degree and to teach a Postgraduate diploma program, you need either a Masters degree or a Bachelors degree with relevant work experience.

    The above are merely guidelines from little that I know. I teach at various community colleges in Toronto as a Program Instructor for Post-Graduate Diploma programs.

    Hope that helps...
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