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    Self-Cooling Can

    Self-cooling Can: Excerpts from an article:

    The Korean entrepreneur [Suh Won Gil] has created a self-cooling can that eliminates the need for refrigeration or ice.

    Suh spent more than ten years working on his took him that long to cut the cooling time from three minutes to just a few seconds and the production cost to less than 10 cents. The mechanics behind the device are pretty basic: When the can is opened, a gas coolant is released into a coiled tube inside the can, instantly chilling the beverage. The temperature inside the can goes from 84 F to 40 F in 15 seconds.

    After the World Cup, Suh plans to set up a factory to fill what he envisions will be orders from all over the globe.

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    thats pretty cool. a totally new look to the soda machine should be expected and if this really works, there would be great reduction in refridgeration equipment in the shops. Great for the environment too since fridges often use CFCs which are part of the green house effect


      Excellent innovation! won't have to lug that huge cooler full of ice to the next pic nic.

      I'm all for it!!!! Bring it on Suh!


        umm.. recycling would be more important then cuz i imagine the gas is probably no ordinary gas. literring would be more of a problem then cuz now ur not only littering aluminum, but a possible harmful gas to go with it.

        i do like this invention, but just trying to be the devil's advocate.

        by the way the american military have invented something similar long ago. a plastic bag or container that serves hot meals to soldiers right on the spot.

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          depends on if he is using a toxic gas or an inert one. the basic principle I am assuming is just the expansion of air which cools it down (since there are no mechanical parts).

          And what better gas then say Nitrogen or Helium both of which are commerically available, non toxic and relatively cheaper then other gases to obtain.

          I am much more worried about the think just been a fluke then the use of a toxic gas.

          As for the aluminium part, the public needs more education on recylcing.