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Vancouver, B.C.

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    Vancouver, B.C.

    I am planning a move to Vancouver, can anyone tell me whats the job situation like. also whats the IT job situation in other candian cities,.. I am a computer engineer, more into hardware than softwae but still i have got good knowledge in both.. anyways, i would like to know about the IT jobs situation in canada, specially in vancouver..

    Not bad actually if you are experienced. Living in the the city which ranks # 1 in the entire world is well worth above all things. I am also in IT but more towards software development for web. The cost of living is really high though, but the amount of outdoor activities it features is simply out of this world. If you have any queries let me know, will be more than glad to help.



      Question for you....

      The job market in the IT field is much more lucrative in USA.

      Why would you be considering moving to Canada?


        on a side note, my view is Canada is a much nicer place to foreigners... from my experience. However I am comparing the US east coast and mid west to toronto so my thinking may be flawed. Do enlighten me if I am wrong as I plan on moving up there eventually.


          Why am I moving to Canada? Good question,

          I am moving because i seriously believe that job situation and economy in USA is only going to get worse. I am into the IT field and we all know how bad the market and job situation is for us guys,, if u dont know, let me tell ya.. ITS BAD.... LOL.. anyways, plus Houston is barren when it comes to computer jobs, Enron is no more, and Compaq is now HP. So there goes thousands of jobs.. I am considering canada cuz i want a change and my wife is from Canada, and thus i am willing to move there but want to find out what would be a better city for me, Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa. I have heard Ottawa is good for IT folks but i am prfering Van cuz of the weather..
          Anyways, thanx for all of u guys input.. will let u know when i make decision..

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