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Entry tests in NUST/FAST

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    Entry tests in NUST/FAST

    Well can any of u give me a guideline abt how to study for the entry tests for NUST and FAST? i'll be grateful...thanx

    Its been a long time that i am out of that skool (FAST), but when I took my exam i prepared from SAT and GRE books (for mathematics portion).


      Its a fresh fastian here from latest batch.

      The test of FAST is mainly of mathematics alongwith some of ur general knowledge of science, english and IQ is tested. You can say IQ is part of mathematics as well.

      To get admitted SAT and Mathematics of FSc (book 1 and book 2) should be at ur finger tips. You should have solid concepts of Calculus at ur level. If you've done FA/FSc then you should also prepare the chapters you left in choice for giving boards exams.

      You can prepare well from books urself sitting at home, but it is advised that you join some preparation centre as they are well experienced in such stuff and have knowledge about the kind of questions given in the test. If you are in lahore, then i can name you a good institute where students of FAST are preparing candidates for the test.

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        Let me help you on NUST, even though I took both tests for NUST and FAST... As you already got the help for FAST from others...

        As for NUST, its a good idea to study from the FSc books. If you want, you can also give the Alevel books a chance. Personally I was an alevel student and I found the test in 1999 to be entirely from the FSc books. SAT2s are too easy compared to that test they give. I had straights As in Alevels, a good SAT2 score, but still had to study very very hard to get in NUST and had to study from the FSc books, so you should do the same.

        I took the FAST test and didnt study that hard, but still got in, so I can assume that is a little easier. You should also keep in mind that there are so many students that take these tests so even if you perform well, you are bound to face severe competition.

        Good luck and get to your FSc books!!!


          Thanx ppl
          well yeah there is a lot of competition
          ..but well, i can only pray and study to get in.
 i don't liv in lhr....we have good institutes here too but the prob is that in all my 12 years of school, tutions have never worked for i guess i'll hv to study myself

          again thanx all of u!!

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