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    Computer graphics

    1) Studying in which country would be less costly, if i go for a masters in graphic designing/computer graphics? England? US? Australia?

    2) Which universities offer a masters in graphic designing/computer graphics (where i will get admission ofcourse ) in these countries?

    3) Anyother country which would be goof for a masters in the particular subject?

    4) Approximately how much would it cost???

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    First of all, the university must accept your undergrad credentials from Pakistan in order for it to grant you admission for masters. In any case, there are also some really good diploma programs in graphics design which not only give in depth conceptual understanding, but also training in all the industry standard software such as PS, Illustrator, Flash and Director. They will set you up in a right direction and once finished, it's really up to your own pursuit.

    The prices vary. But, if you are interested, I can provide you some really solid leads on the local colleges. Good luck with your endeavors.


      Thanks for your reply.
      Few of my friends have gone for post-grad studies abroad. The masters we did here equals the credit hours required to take admission in post-grad there.

      I am not even sure I can afford to study abroad, doing short courses first and then taking admission for masters would cost that much more. So I will do my courses here instead.

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      We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


        I'll look into local universities about master programs for graphics designs. If anything interesting pops up, then I'll post here. If you wanna go abroad, then look for scholarships as well. There are always some available for foreign students. Search the web, find the program you like and then you'll have an exact idea how to tackle the cost issue.



          Germany not so long ago was looking for foreigners to come study and giving out scholarships. however that meant you had to learn german.

          Canada is still a very good option and in most cases the tution is much lower (probably around CAN$15-20K). In the US most colleges are around US$15-25K. depending on private or public colleges.

          Also if you go to the lower tier schools and you have good grades, its easier to get scholarships for tution at the masters level. Also if you decide on a full phd program you generally get paid a stipend but its a 4-5 yrs plan.

          In the US you can work 20 hours each week once you here as a student. In canada I think it is easier to get work as a student then in the US where you have restrictions on where you can work.

          Let me know if you need more info



            Computer Graphics and Graphic Design are not considered 'closely related subjects' depending on the university.

            For instance, in our university the Computer Graphics is a field of study under 'Computer Science' department where you have to do a minor or certain number of Math classes before they allow you to do a master thesis in Graphics. It completely revolves around mathematical concepts of graphics and how to change it to computer display domain.

            Graphic Design is something that comes under Fine Arts department and they prefer that you be a Art History major or something similar. I knew a girl from Thailand who did her undergrad from our university and is making twice as much as me, in Atlanta these days. So not a bad field to even do your undergrad.

            Secondly, when thinking about studying abroad & picking a major, you have to make some initial decision on two things. Money and what would you want to do after you graduate? Come back to Pakistan or stay over. Countries policies differ on these issues. Like here in US, its more likely for an Engineering major graduate to find work visa than for say .. history major.

            As hmcq pointed out, almost all countries let their international students work part time 'on campus'. That mostly takes care of rent & added expenses for a reasonable person. But tuition is hard to make -- though there are people who do that too.

            Before you say you are not smart enough to get graduate assistantship for PhD or Masters, let me assure you that I have met people who get those assistantships. Half of them can't even speak in English. :-P
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