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    wat to do?

    aham where shall i begin

    i am in first year of A level well will be in second if i pass (in september)

    i have cut my prefession list down to 2

    either something in computing or something business related (accountancy and finance, accountancy and economics perhaps)

    this will be an undergradguate course by the way

    i just dont knwo wat course to pick example in computing related is
    computer science
    management and system
    there is information system or business computing system

    then there is accountancy and computing
    business and computing

    wat i am gd at is looking at a problem and solving it like economics for instance (which i happen to be gd at) but i dont want it too maths based because i like to have a complete understanding of wat i am doing and maths its something i detest because u have to practice it soo much.
    i want to have a carrer which will always be in demand and has gd employment capability... somthing that will alow me to diversify if need be. it has to be well paid of course but not too demanding like banking which i wanted to todo but staying at work till 10 is pretty disgusting.

    any help plz

    management of information systems is a combination if both computing and management.

    but either way you still require maths because it tends to be the universal language for looking at problems be they in acounting, finanace, management or engineering.