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    Communication at work place

    It is kind of hard to describe how you deal with people in a work environment. Do you have a certain way you communicate with your boss, colleagues, people in other departments? Where do you draw a line when it comes to kissing up to your superiors and becoming a total pain in their neck?

    There comes a time when you start avoiding people or people start avoiding you for one reason or the other. Sometimes it comes to a point when you stop making eye contacts….I mean how many smiles can u give to people who have zero social skills.

    Also, what method of communication do you prefer emails, phones or direct conversation

    I prefer direct conversation, but of course that's not always possible and not always useful.

    Like a colleague needs some information for continuing his work on a project. I could now start talking about that particular task and the information he needs for ages or I could just simply send him a file with the needed data by e-mail!

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      At work I am usually not very sociable. In the mornings I greet fellow co-workers, then I get busy with work. During breaks, I give the occasional smile. I generally do not make chit-chat. If someone else does, I dont mind but then I get back to work ASAP. My shyness probably has a part to play in this.

      I dont believe I kiss-up to my superiors. I simply greet them and if I have a question I ask them. Otherwise I go about my business. If I am not smiling when coming into work, they usually ask me whats wrong, before I say anything. Friendly individuals.

      I prefer emails, and if not that, then direct conversation. *smile*

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