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    G-math test

    I have a friend preparing for the G-math test. Does anyone have good advice for preparing the G-math test?

    Chanel, is it the G-math or the GMAT test? If its the GMAT, best tips I can give are to take a lot of practice exams, and pay attention to timing. Test prep books are also good for practice. *smile*

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      start with the practice test that can be downloaded for free from the gmat website.


        GMAT is a fairly simple test. Math, english, logic etc. When I took it, I was working fulltime and had a week to prepare and did quite well. Maybe it was luck.

        One gentleman that I know took the test had had low 500s on it, then he proceeded to spend an hour a day for 2 months in prep using the GMAT guide as well as one by ARCO which had a very structured approach to polishing up some of these concepts, skills and test taking habits.

        The guy retook the test had a score in 700s, and went to a good uni for a masters and a PhD degree.

        a little structured approach
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          She might be talking about G-math, graphical mathematics. Practice practice practice.