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Too much war talk - Let us discuss economy :)

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    Too much war talk - Let us discuss economy :)

    Titan India launches world's slimmest watch

    Bangalore , 23-05-2002

    Titan Industries Ltd on Thursday launched a watch that it claims is the slimmest commercially available watch in the world.

    'Titan Edge' has a thickness of just 3.5 mm and a wafer thin movement of 1.15 mm, the company said at the launch.

    The watch was produced in India after four years of intensive research and development, under a close collaboration among Titan's design studio, the company's production department and its R and D team, company officials told reporters.

    "The Titan Edge is a matter of pride not just for Titan but for every Indian as it reiterates our technological strengths and expertise as a nation," Titan (watches division) chief operating officer Bijou Kurien said.

    According to the company, most watches average between six mm and 10 mm in thickness.

    'Titan Edge' has a fully jewelled quartz analog movement with water resistance of upto 30 metres. Its other features include a state-of-the-art silicon chip that conserves power and doubles the life of the battery and a specially designed step motor, according to the company.

    The movement of 'Titan Edge' has been tested and certified by M/s Chronofiable SA, Switzerland which, it said, is a world-renowned independent horological testing agency.

    'Titan Edge' has 13 variants -- eight in stainless steel and five in the plated version -- priced between Rs 4,495 and Rs 4,995. It comes with a two-year comprehensive guarantee, they said.


    I think I can have a 3.5 milli-meter watch! Whatdyall say?