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Phone vs. In-person

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    Phone vs. In-person

    I will be flying out for an interview soon Insha'Allah, and I wanted to know what the benefits are of having an in-person interview as opposed to a phone interview. I was actually hoping for a phone interview, but the person prefers I am there in person. What is the difference? Besides the obvious of seeing ones demeanor. Thanks!

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    I am not a big fan of phone interviews. If I had the choice I would rather choose the in-person interview. I need to see the other person's face expression I am talking to, in order express myself better and to feel free.

    Well the benefits of the in-person for the interviewer is that he/she sees how you act and respond to his questions, how your over all apperance is and what kind of impression you give.

    The benefits of the one giving the in-person interview is that he/she can judge by the expression on the face of the interviewer if he liked ur answers or not and you get the idea of how the interview partner can be influenced (some interviewer are very good at hiding their emotions but even then try to analyse as best as u can).

    Well phone interviews are good but I think they are more for the introduction part where u tell the firm that u are interested in meeting in person or if you are a totaly qualified person and the company needs you and you are far away I think its only then the company hires without a proper interview.

    Best of Luck! and tell us how it goes


      i prefer phone interview... allows me to be calm and in my natural habitat, under the sheets where i'm at the peak of my confidence level.
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        The employer can assess you better in person (because of body language/tone/clothes) then you they can on the phone. Of course these are superficial things things that people should not use, but human beings do it unconciously to a certain degree.


          Munni, I prefer in person as I like to intimidate the interviewer in return. ;-)

          Here is a joke for you to lighten you up before you go ...

          "I think I deserve a raise," the man said to his boss. "You
          know...there are three other companies after me."

          "Is that so?" asked the manager. "What other companies are
          after you?"

          "Well...the electric company, the phone company, and the gas company."
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            All things being equal, it is more difficult to lie in-person.