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    Qualified teachers needed

    Qualified Teachers Required For Full Time School 2002-03

    Islamic Foundation School is looking for dedicated, dynamic teachers who would work hard to develop students dedicated to the Deen of Islam. We are inviting Ontario qualified teachers with College of Teachers registration and (eligibility or interim) to apply:

    High School: Grade 9 and 10 (Boys and Girls) - All subjects
    Elementary School: Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior
    Nursery School: ECE, Montessori

    Recent graduates who wish to join the Independent School system are urged to send their resume along with a cover letter to the attention of:

    Safi Khan
    Islamic Foundation School
    441 Nugget Ave. Scarborough
    Ontario M1S5E1
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Telephone: 416-321-3776
    Fax: 416-321-1078

    InshaAllah we will appreciate your early application. Please contact the school office or E-mail the above address. JazakAllah.

    "Allah extends His Hand at night so that He can forgive the sinner of the day; He extends His Hand in the day so that He can forgive the sinner of the night. He will continue to do so until the sun rises from the West (the Day of Judgment)"

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