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    Pakistan army requirements

    A friend of mine is interested in joining the Pak army. The catch is that we are in Canada. Would that be a problem (he does not have his Canadian citizenship yet)?

    So, can someone please put up any information they have about the ISSB or any age/education requirements?

    If I remember correctly, there was also the method whereby a person can complete his education outisde the army as in medicine (and engineering, I'm not sure) and join the army having completed his education. Does anybody know how that works?

    Plus anybody have any info on the recruitment requirments for the Pak Airforce? Please, post them here!

    Thanks a lot!

    The question asked was a serious one. You are purposefully disturbing a thread in a non political forum.

    The Unknown Soldier ;-)

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      kumar mian

      Please refrain from participating in threads if you do not have anything constructive to say!

      Thanks, appreciate it!



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          Well here is my research:
          Regular -

          PMA long course, you can apply upto the age of 22.

          You should have at least A'levels (12/13 years) of education completed with Grade C (50 percent marks) or over. Your height has to be over 5'5" (165 cm) & shouldn't have an appendix operation.


          Irregular -

          You complete your education as Engineer, Doctor or a professional & can be employed by PK Army but opennings for these positions are not on regular basis please keep in touch with the nearest recruiting office for update & open positions.


            Apart from what Najim said..

            Theres a Y-cadet scheme, which starts induction after matriculation (10th grade). THat is followed by 4 years of training, wiht a bachelors degree.

            Induction for both Y-cadets and PMA are done twice a year, in April and October. Admission process starts around 6 months prior to date of induction. Look out for application forms in major newspapers around August and March every year.

            Theres a preliminary physical, medical and psychological test, which is followed by comprehensive medical examination. That is followed by ISSB. That is followed by a final screening process, which cuts down the selected candidates, based on how much need to be inducted.

            Education, Engineers, Signals and Medical Corps employ graduates aged no more than 28 years. The graduates are trained in PMA for one year, after ISSB of course. Then they are given direct commission at the rank of a Captain. Phd holders qualify for the rank of a Major.

            Air Force has pretty much the same process, except that it has a much more stringent medical examination.


              For professional induction, you can also go the army route all the way, by joining the Army medical college, or the army college of engineering, and get a degree from there, straight after ur Intermediate (12th). Application forms are floated in different formats for all these faculties, so keep a lookout for them in the papers.


                Thanks very much, Akif and Najim for the helpful info!

                Karloz, you are the man!


                  >>Look out for application forms in major newspapers around August and March every year.<<

                  Akif, which newspapers man? Urdu? Can you specify..?


                    Karloz....all major newspapers, Urdu and English.
                    They usually carry quarter page ads, so they are hard to miss.