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Islamic Medical Students/Residents of Ontario

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    Islamic Medical Students/Residents of Ontario

    Assalam-o-Allaikum, all!

    I got this in an email:

    "================================================= ======================
    3. Medical School Interview Preparation Help Available
    ================================================== =====================

    Do you want to go to medical school?
    Do you need help preparing for a medical school interview this year?

    The Islamic Medical Students/Residents of Ontario (IMSO) has begun a
    new program to help applicants prepare for the interview stage of the
    medical application process. Volunteers at each med school in Ontario
    (Toronto, McMaster, Western, Queen's, Ottawa) are prepared to assist,
    counsel, and provide mentoring services to applicants in this tough
    stage. Insha-Allah, we will soon be offering more comprehensive
    application services, but for now, we are focusing on interviews.

    Please contact us at [email protected], or visit our website at if you have want to participate or ask questions."

    Please, support this site if you are an aspiring premed. I for one feel that the best advice I get is from Muslim brothers (at least that is the case at my University). So, I think all of us could use a Muslim perspective and guide to Med School. So, if premeds out here use it enough, the organizers might add more services.

    BTW, I'm not invloved in the organization of this site.

    Thanks and I request the mods to leave the URL up!