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South Africa Anyone?

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    South Africa Anyone?

    Anyone here familiar with the South African economy? I am looking for economic data such as GDP, employment rates, labor force productivity, interest rates etc and how each of theses variables are calculated by the government. Time horizons are from the present to as far back as possible. Also if there are economic models that predict the future out there I would be interested in reading about them. Also interested in the fisical and monetary policy and how these two interact.

    If you have any information, you can email me or put the links from where I may obtain this data on here. Also if you have come across a book that dealt with the South African economy please put the title here .
    I am writing a paper on the South African Macroeconmic situation and what we anticipate in the future.

    Thanks everyone.

    hmcq, the only info i was able to find was via stats south africa website. Have a look at it.

    Under keyindicators i found GDP

    I hope it helps


      Hey bud,
      aah, this sounds familiar - I just did my presentation on Zimbabwe's economy and currency forecast... and ofcourse South Africa being the immediate neighbor, had to discuss that too.

      Here's some stuff:

      Summary of all:

      Economic Indicators etc. with World Bank:

      General Info on South Africa:

      South Africa's current postion with the IMF:

      Also for your paper, BBC World Africa is a good site to visit for old news archives.

      ohh and if currenby is of relevance to your paper, then OANDA is the best site - allows you to access forex rates far back. Beware though - I had some non-confirming data points.

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