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Indian car maker targets UK

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    Indian car maker targets UK

    how popular this car will be in uk ?

    Ia m proud to be part of TELCO when It was being developed.I wasnt directly involved in its design but its desgin was managed by the PDM ( Product Data management )software whose maitanance was my responsibility.
    Gret News !!!

    Jiyo Aur Jeene Do!!!


      I have seen a number of TATA 4 wheelers...

      The cars aren't even as popular as small japanese firms.. marketing and image have more to do with it probably...

      But i do not know the reliability of TATA compared to say.. diahatsu or Kia.. the small players from Far East. Proton hasn't done that well as they hoped as they har reliability problems.

      If reliability is rock solid, with agressive pricing structure they can break into the market.

      It may be an idea to launch a separate brand name under which to market the new TATA cars.

      I wish the company luck.

      This is one of the places where Pakistan is wholly lacking in. I remember in 85 a automotive engineer returned from japan and wanted to set up a company... which he did and the models - a minivan and mini-pickup were pretty good.. but lack of tax breaks and no protection from competition resulted in the companies demise. their main competition within pakistan was with PakSuzuki.. i see political underhanded dealings.

      They had alloy/steel chassis with fibregladd bodt panels - for cheap and easy replacements.