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    Working abroad

    Considering that desperate times call for desperate measure, I have been thinking about working outside of the US. I have found some jobs where you can teach english in South Korea or Japan, and other jobs like that. Anyone an expat from the UK and US that works in such countries? What has been your experience? Is it safe? I know that jobs the world over are in short supply, but please let me know about your experience. Thanks!

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    Munni it is very easy to make drastic changes based on short term goals. Always keep your long term goals in the back of your mind. I would not recommend that you go overseas to teach. if you want to teach there are more then enough places where you can volunteer and teach people how to read and speak english in the US.

    That would give your experience as well as get you started with the job searching process.

    Hope that helps.


      hey Munni,

      I sort of concurr with what hmcq had to say... although I haven't done it myself but a friend of mine went to China on an ESL year-long teaching thing... made some money came back to skule to continue... he said its fun if you're there for the cultural experience but not the ideal working environment... its not really "an international work-experience" per say to put on your resume'.

      Dunno... lets see if someone with a personal perspective can shed more light on this.

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        I have freinds teaching English in Cairo from the UK, they enjoy it.

        Moving abroad is never easy, but the majority of people value the experience as one of the most life challenging and enjoyable they have had.



          2 of my cousins decided to teach english in Japan and had a great time and feel that it contributed to their career, for one as a teacher andf for the other one working for the foriegn services.

          an american pal of mine went to korea to teach english and is not working for KOTRA which is korean trade agency and he is doing some work in contratcs and documentation area now.

          It can be an enriching experience, but depends on your goals and how this matches it.

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