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    Ruth is 25 yrs old pregnant... Her father, age 50, was recently diagnosed with the genetic disorder Olivopontocerebellar (OPCA). Typically, this order is dominantly inherited. The age of onset is b/w 30 and 40 yrs of age. The prognosis is progressive loss of muscle coordinatio.

    1.Write a paragraph expanding on this concept that this case confronts the issues of quality and longevity of life????

    2. How would Huntington's disease provide a parallel case????

    Case 2:
    Mrs. Green is 25 yrs old and nine weeks pregnant. She has two healthy, active children ages of four and six yrs old. However she is presently taking a psycotherapeutic drug, Sinequon(doxepin) for anxiety. Several months earlier she had a fifth month miscarriage. Her main concern is her exposure to radiation while living for 18 yrs at Love Canal.


    1.After hearing this case history, as a Genetic Counselor wat would be ur major consern?

    2.Wat other questions u might ask her directly?

    3.Does the fact that she has two healthy and active children provide any clues? If so what are they?

    4. What advice would u give her at that time?

    I need to answer these question for one of the case study Assignment..

    Anyone out there can help me???

    plzzz try to reply ASAP...

    "Donít be shallow by saying: if people do good, we will do good; and if they do wrong, we will do wrong; but accustom yourselves to do good if the people do good, and not to do wrong if they do wrong."

    ^Dervaish^ might be able to help. Hes a genetics student.