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    I realize this might be a bit hasty, but I do have to move on.

    If anyone knows anyone hiring or a place hiring anywhere in the US, if you would please let me know, I would appreciate it.

    Im considering working just about anywhere, and my lack of work experience means I will have to start at the bottom.

    Thank you for any information and suggestions.

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    Whats your education? And what do you plan to do? The possibilities of work are only limited by our own imagination, so you have to focus on what you wish to do rather than what is available.


      Munni email me a resume and let me know what you are interested in, and location prefernces.

      pristine and I can get some connections going.
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        Munni: Brassring will be organising career events at the following places:

        1. DC/Northern VA (Vienna), VA - 2/18/2002 - 2/19/2002
        2. Greenbelt, MD - 2/20/2002
        3. Dallas, TX - 2/20/2002 - 2/21/2002
        4. Phoenix, AZ - 2/26/2002 - 2/27/2002
        5. Chicago, IL - 3/5/2002 - 3/7/2002
        6. Santa Clara, CA - 3/18/2002 - 3/19/2002
        7. Burlington, MA - 3/18/2002 - 3/19/2002
        8. Vienna, VA - 3/25/2002 - 3/26/2002

        You can check their web page, see the participating employers and register online. Even if u cant attent the event, u can send resume online. I've never been to a brassring event.

        You can also check career fairs in your local university. I attended many fairs at my school and infact got many on-spot interviews. Dont know the situation right now. But if u look at the brassring's page, it shows that a lot of companies are participating, whcih implies that they are still "hiring" and not on an absolute job freeze. I know its tough these days but may be some one needs to give it a try.

        Good Luck with your job search.