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Working in ths US

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    Working in ths US


    I am a British Muslim who would like some feedback about working in the states.

    Why? I would like to work abroad and feel that the US is as good a place as any.

    I am currently working as a IT Systems Specialist near Manchester UK.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    I dont know how useful this information might be, but many of my computer friends said that for IT, the Virginia/Washington DC area is good because it is considered the next 'Silicon Valley' of the US.

    If you are considering living in that area, be sure to reside in either Virginia or Maryland because taxes are less there.

    Sorry I cant be of more help. For IT related jobs in the US check out


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      If you are moving from UK to here, first you have to decide which area you want to go to? Since, you'll be moving here for the very first time i guess nothing should bother you unless you end up being in Minnesota

      The other thing worth noting here is that these days US economy is in a recession and during this phase the most affected industry is the computer industry. Therefore, in selecting a company you should be real careful in getting comfortable with the job security and company's stability. These days, companies are heavily relying on lay-off policy and thus the one who recently joins the company is more viable victim of layoffs.

      The type of company also matters a lot. Do not hast in selecting a company. Although, with this down trend in industry many "contractors" have been wiped out of the market but still you should be real careful of these contractors/body shoppers. Note here that I am not talking about consulting companies, but body shoppers. These are such companies which send their employees on different projects and there you are at the dispense of client. And another disadvantage is that you are not paid that good.

      These are a few points that were in my mind, i hope this helps!

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        I recommend DC totally! I love this city!!!! Lots of great opportunity in terms of jobs, but also there are lots of cultural opportunities and there is a great diversity.

        Living in VA is not less expensive than DC, I guess it totally depends on where exactly.

        But I recommend it!