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    Expanding Network

    I have been doing some independent consulting as a business systems analyst. So far it has been purely on my first hand contact bases. I have started to like what I'm doing since I set my pay rate and working hours. I'm thinking of expanding my network/circle & exploring better job opportunities. Someone mentioned a Network card (which is not exactly a business card.) would be a good start.

    I've put following things on my card so far.

    Experience (related industry)

    I'm not sure about the correct order of these. Or how I should format it. Whether I should put my skills on the card or not. If yes, then just the major ones or all of them in a small font?

    Does experience make sennse on the card or not.
    How many contact emails/phone # should I list.
    Feel free to give opinions or suggestions. I have ordered the cards already but I still have a day to make changes. so let me know yo. Thanks.

    how about putting the line about the skills in the back of the card. This is purely guessing here but it should not make the skills to obvious and it uses the back as well. In place of skills you could have something like the type of work you are doing.

    So Boss did you set yourself up as a business entity?