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    translator job

    I was thinking does anyone here works as a translator?

    If yes what kind of education or degree is needed in your place? I mean it can't be difficult to translate documents, if you are good in the languages that you wanna translate? Or do you think there is more needed?

    Please share

    I worked as a freelance translator during my college days in Philly. There are number of transaltor/interpretor type agencies which provide these services to government and to corporations.

    Most of my work revolved around interviewing people who were going through deportation hearings or in cases where Pakistanis or Indians were in court as defenders, witnesses or plaintiffs.

    I was paid on an hourly basis and trasnportation plus meal charges for in-towm translations.

    For our of town work or where overnight stay was required, a minimum amount of hours was paid even if the actual interview was only 2 hours, plus hotel, travel and per diems.

    For corporate or government translators, I believe that you need to pass certain tests in the language to show your competence and in general a degree is required although it does not have to be in the language.

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      I worked as a translator for the Law College of our University in USA. Program coordinator also referred my services to Local Sate Office where most of the time the work was to translate the birth certificates, marriage certificates, Identity cards and educational transcripts from Urdu to English.

      First time, it was hard to make the forms look like the originals. But after one time, you kind of have a template to work on it.
      It was a good (not very good though) mean of earning some extra cash which every student need indeed.
      They paid about US $ 40.00 dollars for the translation of each document.


        thanks for the replys, it gave me a good idea.