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A day in my life?

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    A day in my life?

    What does a typical day in your work life involve? When do you have to go to work and come back? What kind of work do you have to do? I am particularly interested in hearing from people in the MIS/IT consulting business, because I want to find out what typical day job involves, but this thread is for everyone to add in thier thoughts.

    Good topic, I have flexible hours, can start and finish work whenever I feel like, there is no restriction of coming and going, only the work should be done and 38,5 hours per week is compulsory if you are working fulltime, which I am and can be completed during a month time duration.

    Sometimes I to have login from home to our system and lotus notes, this is very pratical if I am on call the whole week and am contacted by the operating personals during night hours and weekend to fix some problems, this can happen quite often.

    Typical day is coming to work and first of all grabing a mug of what else ...caffee, after that checking the system and fixing problems, reading my 10000000 unread mails and answering some and writing some more. Getting in touched by other departments, going to meetings and working on my projects.

    Thank God, we are granted five weeks of holidays in a year plus public holidays and sick leave is allways paid.

    That's all I can think of, I hope some more people would contribute their daily work day experience over here.

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      Ours is a small start up. Typically, I get in at around 8:30 and leave by 5:30. There is plenty of time to surf the net, drink tea, smoke. Sometimes when deadlines are near and stuff isnít working as it should, it is pure bedlam. We do everything from getting postage and stationary to building servers ourselves.

      Previously I was working for a large consultancy firm. It was pretty much the same except for politics and endless pointless meetings.
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        I take it no one else has a daily routine?


          Originally posted by hmcq:
          I take it no one else has a daily routine?
          Rightly said
          I for one dont even know the difference between day and night Its just one long never ending routine.

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