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Good universities in pak?

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    Good universities in pak?

    What would be some of the good universities in karachi? if you were pursuing a career in computers?

    IBA and the institute named after Bhutto.
    Dont remember theexact name.
    Lums is the best in the country though,
    Right there at the top. I heard that they are starting EE programs as well.
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      I think you are referring to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute (SZAB). LUMS is not in Karachi.

      In Karachi, by far the best institute for computer education is FAST.

      Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi is top-notch in MBA programs. I don't know if they have started Computer Science courses as well or not.

      Following FAST, there are a bunch of good quality private computer colleges. Some of them may be lamers but a few might be good. Most of them have some sort of affiliation with foreign universities. They also have an Informatics in Karachi.

      Website for FAST:

      Website for Informatics:

      Website for SZAB Institute:

      Website for IBA Karachi:

      Also, check out this link:
      Yahoo! Listings

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        NED University offers BS in Computer Science and BE in Computer Engineering.


          Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology SSUET has got good reputation for computing science in Karachi.


            umm ammar tell me first why are u looking for comp universities in karachi..
            u planning to settled thr..

            I think Karachi university, SirSyedm NED, Handard University is also very well known and Petroman Fast IBA are great too.....
            if u need more help i can help but tell me what actually u gonna do?? and u looking for PVT or Public Unioversity.

            for me if i would go back to pakistan i would apply in Karachi University FAST IBA and Sir Syed Uni. but karachi Univ will be my frist choice.

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              If you're looking for somethink in Karachi, then FAST is the only respectable place for comp sci. Its a high calibre institute. I have friends at FAST Karachi and Lahore... and I'm very impressed with the studies.

              Outside Karachi, LUMS in Lahore is ok for comp sci, I've heard profs there recommend FAST as well. Then you have GIK and NUST which have good programs in Comp Eng.
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                thanks for the help guys

                pp, yup.. we're moving back.