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advice needed on post grad study in UK

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    advice needed on post grad study in UK

    I am intending to go back to university in September and do a MSc in Computer Science or something computer related. It will be a conversion course as my BA was in History

    The problem I am facing is I like the courses that Uni of Kent, KCL and some other unis do, also they are universities that I would consider doing.

    However, I have just found that Middlesex uni do a conversion course which includes a 3 mth industrial placement. The course is alright but I am stuck now, I dont' really want to go to Middlesex but would it not be good just cause they have industrial placements? Or are there any other unis out there that do conversion course with industrial placements which I can consider? Or should I just go by my original choices?

    Please any advice would be much appreciated as I am stuck

    Thanks in advance

    I dont have a lot of knowledge about the UK system so take this with a pinch of salt!.

    it is great to have an indtustrial placement and that helps you when you are looking for a job after graduation. But it is just as important to enjoy been where you are and do well ( you dont want to go to a school and end up doing poorly cause of the enviroment). Also compare the schools in terms of where and what you want to do later on in life and how the schools rank with respect to these in academia, and the industry. A degree without industrial experience from a prestegious school can be a lot more helpful in getting a job then a regular school plus 3 months of training (remember it is training and some firms prefer to hire only for certain schools).

    Also if you really dont like middlesex, think about doing internships (I dont know if they have those in the UK) in your field during the summer and winter breaks. This will more then make up for you not doing an industrial training course.

    In your case since you are switching from History, I think it is more important you get job experience, otherwise employers can not tell how well you are really doing or will do (since your previous field is totally different from your current one). However, as I mentioned above there are ways to get around that as well. There are tonnes of people who can not go to particual unis cause they have responsibilities. Also you may want to think about doing something part time where you can work and thus get job experience.

    hope that helps.


      i would not rate industrial placements very highly..

      once you get the qualifications from a reputable institution.. it would be very easy to get a permanent job..

      if not.. swing by a temping agency.. they are brilliant as first steps of employment..
      in London you have Kelly Services, Addecco, Brook Street, Manpower.

      I worked 2 years with temping agencies.. and got my full time job after working at one place on temporary contract for two 6 months periods..

      It will be three years I will be working there now.


        Thanks for the advice guys. Ill give it all some more thought



          Kingston University in South London have an MSc course in IT. It is definitely a conversion course. A local library would also provide good information on the university names and then you can look at the uni websites.