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Moving to pak ==> educational equivalence

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    Moving to pak ==> educational equivalence


    One of our relatives are moving back to Pakistan. They currently reside in Canada. They're thinking of sending their grade-11 daughter first(within a week or so), hoping that she would be able to get into First Year of college, and in that way not loose a year. If she were to go at end of semester, she wouldn't be able to get into Second Year, rather she'd have to repeat grade-11 or First year.

    So, the question is, if someone joins first year at this time of the year, would they be able to make up for half the lost year?(she is a very good student). Is there any other option where she could give all 10 exams at the end of Year #2? What would be the best route of approach here, so that she does not end up loosing a year?


    There are boards in Pakistan, which do take the two years together, and there are those which take 11th grade in the first year and then the 12th in the second year!

    It will depend on which school she chooses to go to and which board is that school affiliated with.

    I did mine from Federal Board. Their policy is to take the exam the year you study the subject matter. They even want to implement that in the ninth grade. Don't know if it ever happened.

    Though, I skipped my Chemistry exam in the first year and got an absent. Then registered for it the next year and my final mark sheet of the two years did not mention anything about my absentee. So, even if she does go to Federal Board school they might let her take the exams all together in the second year depending on her credentials.
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