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    Assalam Alaikum everyone

    I am a recent MBA with several years experience with the World Trade Center and ICI chemicals. My background is in International Marketing & strategic mgmt. Until recently I was in mgmt in Citicorp Global Securities Trading unit. Currently I am working for KeyCorp in the area of quality control and process re-engineering/standardization for the institutional asset mgmt services. I have studied internationally in eight countries during my undergrad and grad education.

    If any business majors have any questions that I am able to answer I will be glad to help.
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    I am currently working with HM Services (British Government) as Network Systems Analyst. I am MSc Computer Science, M.A Politics, LL.B and BSc (Hons) in Nuclear Physics. I am in computer industry for eight years now and have worked in major blue chip companies like Novell and IBM in United Kingdom. Currently responsible for UNIX and NT systems, though I am a CNE. Any help needed in the related fields .....


      B.E. in civil Engineering. Masters in Structural Analysis (Michigan, USA). Currently working in FORD motor company as a CAE, Durabilty specialist. Total 4 years of work experience, so far. 1st year experience involves CAD and CAE. 2nd year and onwards is purely CAE. NVH was the main area in which I was working, so far. Currently involve in Durability.
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        I graduated about six years ago from Hatfield in Hertfordshire (UK) with a BSc(Hons) upper second in Computer Science. I work in the communications sector, currently doing real time software development in Motorola 68030 assembler for a Frame Relay application. Ive also worked on CAS and CCS telephone switching development on the DMS100 Nortel telephone switch.

        Farouq Taj.


          I graduated from the University of Leeds with a first class honors degree in Geological Sciences and then went onto to complete a Masters degree in Petroleum Geochemistry.

          I worked at Robertson Research for 3 years as a geoscientific consultant in North Wales, UK. Earlier this year I changed companies and now work for BP as a petroleum systems analyst and am currently posted in Egypt.

          I work mostly with developmental modelling software used to predict oil and gas migration in the sub-surface and heavily involved in paleo and present day climate modelling.



            I am an ishtudent....still :-/

            Hoping to complete Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics and Mechatronics) / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science & Software Engineering) in a couple of years. The Computer Science part will be finished soon. I code for food and do other work for money.


              Okay, I'm a final year undergraduate student at the Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, University of London. I'm finishing off a BSc. (Hons) in Chemistry and Management. I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional, working towards being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I'm currently applying for a bunch of IT jobs. Pir Sahib, ICI Chemicals rejected me last week

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                Originally posted by SADI:
                mAd_ScIeNtIsT that so sad, me wanna cry with you, I felt the same when IBM rejected me without even an chance for introduction. But they are not hiring at the moment. Btw how is your university? Mind giving some information.
                Uh oh... now I'm getting worried. I applied to IBM ages ago and still haven't heard a reply......

                My university is considered to be one of the best in England - students at Imperial feel that we are second only to Cambridge, and officially we came 4th in the UK in the Sunday Times' Good University Guide. The Financial Times rated us as the third best in the country, narrowly behind Oxford & Cambridge.

                13 of our departments (Business and management; chemical engineering; chemistry; computer science; electrical and electronic engineering; general engineering; geology; materials technology; mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering; molecular biosciences; mathematics, statistics and operational research; organismal biosciences; physics and astronomy) were rated as excellent in a government review. Incidentally, given that Imperial College is a small, specialist university, those 13 departments represent virtually the entire college!

                Some more info can be found here.

                The university's website is

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                Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


                  Well here I am...

                  Completed Engineering courses at Institute of (Science and) Technology VIENNA(Austrian call it: HTL). Need 2 years of practical experience to achieve Title of Engineer (Austria: ING.).

                  Now hoping to complete my Bachelor of Science (Computer Sciences and Business Informatics) in some years (Inshallah).
                  Afterwards Masters.
                  All at University of Vienna.

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                    Graduated from Kingston Uni in '98 with a BA(Hons) in History. Since then working for an ISP in London, doing a variety of different roles, within the call centre. Have done a MCP in NT4 Server and my CCNA.

                    Looking at finding a new job or work experience. Impossible almost for me at the moment because of lack of relevant skills so
                    currently toying with the idea of going back to university to do either a conversion course for Law or a MSc in Computer Science or Information Security.

                    Allah Hafiz


                      Electrical Design Engineer

                      B.Ing, 4 year Heavy Current Diploma, 3 year Light Current Diploma, B.Comm (majors in Quantitative Management & Business Economics), Th.D (Practical Theology), and working towards a MBA.

                      Director of own Engineering firm and Financial firm.

                      Interests from Geology, Astronomy, Health Issues, Religion, Sport, Politics, Finances, Gardening, Computors.

                      Enjoying hob-nobbing with all the bright young brains of Gupshup!



                        I am a Civil and Environmental Engineer. BS from Missouri, MS from City Univ London in Environmental Engineering

                        Currently I am working for the Environment Agency of UK as an Engineer (Development Control and Flood Defence). Not exactly where I saw myself when i was doing my undergrad.

                        As Thap said.. it depends what your department is like and what you want to do rather than where you go.. I got invited to MIT to do Traffic Management ,,, but it was not a course which i wanted to do.


                          Originally posted by Thap:
                          Cambridge and Oxford....nice to visit but suffocating pretentious....stale places to live.
                          I went to Cambridge and it is not a stale place- it is an excellent place to live. Places like Leeds etc cannot compete with Oxbridge as uni is not only about academics but is about developing as a person and making contacts (for networking later on in life) etc. and no place in UK can match Oxbridge for that. And it is a very positive CV point- a prospective employer would not normally know about course details but they definitely know about Oxbridge (and that impresses them!!)

                          By the way, I am an engineer and am currently working in the motor industry in a managerial capacity.


                            Adding to the intros:

                            I have worked previously as a Civil Engineer and more recently as an Environmental Systems modler. Currently I am in the process of getting an MBA degree afterwhich I plan to work in the Information Technology Consulting business (assuming the economy comes out of the recession


                              Adding to my intro.....

                              As of 24th June 2002 I will inshallah be a Systems Analyst for Proctor & Gamble.

                              Edited due to Who---me's eagle eyes

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                              Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.