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    Positions at Beacon House

    FYI - This was sent to the Boston University PSA.
    Dear Sir:

    I am Dr. Khaver Zia, Director Beaconhouse-Informatics
    Computer Institute Lahore, Pakistan. I got your contact from the web.

    Beaconhouse-Informatics is a well known IT school of Pakistan set up
    in association with Informatics Singapore (
    Beaconhouse-Informatics has 6 centers in major cities of Pakistan and
    is conducting an undergraduate program in Computer Science. Currently
    the country-wide enrollment of the school is over 1500 students.
    Graduates from our school receive internationally recognized
    degrees from Curtin University Australia and Univ. of Portsmouth UK.

    Beaconhouse-Informatics campuses rival the best in Asia in
    infrastructure and computing facilities. The campuses are co-educational
    and provide a secure, congenial and liberal environment
    for pursuing the latest in IT education.

    We would like to invite postgraduate students from Universities
    such as yours, for short term (3-6 months) teaching assignments at
    Beaconhouse-Informatics. We shall give these students Return
    Air-fare to Pakistan, Free Furnished Accommodation PLUS Compensation
    for their services. In addition they would be provided given lab.
    and Internet facilities to continue their research work in Pakistan.

    I shall appreciate if you could help me in contacting
    the postgraduate students in your Department for this purpose.
    I am attaching a notice and shall be obliged if you could
    bring it to the attention of the students of your department.

    Plz. visit our website at to have a better idea of our organization. We would require the Graduates to teach CS/IT Degree courses to students persuing the following:

    1. Bachelor of Business In Information Technology (BBIT), from Curtin
    University of Technology (Australia)
    2. B.Sc. (Hons.) In Computing from University of Portsmouth (UK)
    3. Bachelor of Computer Sciences (BCS) from Punjab University (Pakistan)

    The normal course load would be 3-4 courses per term/semester. We would be offering the participant faculty member/Graduate a compensation that ranges from Rs.25,000 to Rs. 40,000, depending upon the education, experience and the nature of facilities that he/she requires from us.

    Currently we are offering facilities, ranging from 5 days paid leave/term (1 term=3-4 months), salary, accommodation, insurance, Return Airfare etc.

    You may chose to come to Pakistan for 1st term (Spring), 2nd term(Summer), 3rd term(Fall) or for all the three terms togather (1 year) or respectively. Please note that one terms is for 3-4 months.

    Should you need to know more about this program, please feel free to contact me. It is definately possible for the working engineers with MS BS in CS or EE(with CS exposure)to avail this wonderful oportunity. Please forward your resume to evaluate your standing with us and fill out the attached TIP-data form for our review.

    Best Regards

    Khaver Zia Ph.D.
    Beaconhouse-Informatics Computer Institute
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Before you guys go ahead with anything related to Informatics - I think I should let you folks in on my experience with those people.

    I was a student at Informatics-Islamabad from 98 to 99. The place sucked big time.Their campus was in a house tucked away in a back street in G-7 and the teachers were not only incompetent but also totally clueless, especially this so-called teacher - a "machar" named Ghazanfar. He was the biggest loser of them all. Another clown was Naeem who thought he could teach Computer Programming in punjabi!

    Im serious,these guys have no clue whatsoever.

    Anyway,here`s the fun part.At the end of the year we had to do a Pascal project and hand it over,as in the documents etc,to them so they could send it to Singapore to be marked.

    None of those packets ever left the shelves on the first floor of the house cum campus.They marked em all by themselves and thought they could fool everyone.When we found them upstairs and created a fuss,the Principal was nowhere to be seen.Apparently he got transferred to Lahore and there was no one to run the place until the students calmed down at the start of the fall next year.

    Thats when I left.The place is a total fraud.If you all do want to give it a try,then I would suggest you get yourselves posted to the Karachi campus or Lahore because they`re the only decent ones around.And even then,make sure they pay you all in advance.

    In my opinion,these guys were the biggest frauds Id ever seen.Thats why I never paid em my last semesters fees either.

    They wanna cheat me - Ill cheat them - More .

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      Can some one in Lahore check up on what Yasir has said above. Since the information I recieved above was from a friend I would like to make sure that he is not been taken for a ride.

      Would appreciate the effort.


        Originally posted by hmcq:
        Can some one in Lahore check up on what Yasir has said above. Since the information I recieved above was from a friend I would like to make sure that he is not been taken for a ride.

        Would appreciate the effort.
        I have said it before....

        Till two years ago ('99)....informatics was just a money making business. Hell me being an A'levels pass was offered a teaching positiong in a networking class (not that I wasnt at par with other candidates, but Allah ka khauf karo...I wasnt even 19 yet).

        That said.... Curtin Uni here in Aussie is one of the not-so-bad tech schools here. I dunno why they'd hand out degrees to Informatics students, when they cant even maintain their standerds there. Every course in Australia has to be passed in a Parliment session..and they are followed very strictly. Informatics is listed in their international programs. They even have a (just one) rep in Pakistan.

        I am pretty sure what yasir has said must be true (knowing Informatics). What Mr khawar Zia has said about affiliations is true as well.

        Best deal would be to contact Umer (the Austrian dude), who is now teaching in Informatics now, and get the latest from him. He got the info from GS as well.



          Informatics Lahore is a wonderful campus. Most of their teachers are also pretty decent. I know many students from Informatics who have got good jobs in Pakistan and abroad. If I am not wrong, Beaconhouse also has their own software company called Solutions Inc. The best students of Informatics are also offered positions with Solutions Inc.

          In any case, Umer from Austria, got a similar message from Informatics, applied and got the summer teaching assignment in Lahore. Exactly the thing which Dr Khawar said above. He'd be able to tell us more about his experience.

          Another thing is that Dr Khawar is only concerned about Informatics campus in Lahore, not in Islamabad. Informatics is run differently in different cities, though all their campus are under the umbrella of Beaconhouse Group. About Dr Khawar, he was the prime person who was running FAST in Lahore, which is still considered better than LUMS as far as computer sciences is concerned. Beaconhouse-Informatics had scored a coup of sorts by luring Dr Khawir away from FAST.


            As I said in my previous post, they have a good campus in Lahore and Karachi as well. But in my opinion - they are just a bunch of frauds. It was the same case with "Preston University" that turned out to be a total dud and was hence busted as a result.

            Informatics had the Beaconhouse name to it which is why I and a lot of people went for it. But we all saw what a bunch of frauds they turned out to be.

            Anyway, my advice - stay clear of Informatics. Go for LUMS, IBA, FAST, Punjab University and Sindh University - Karachi Campus.

            These are places that will pay well and are proper educational institutions. Plus you'll be teaching a bunch of hard working and dedicated students unlike Informatics where you'll quickly grow frustrated with your fellow workers and the students will grow frustrated with you once they find out what kind of an institution they`re studying at.

            Anyway, best of luck either way.

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              hmmm Well their new building was quite cool. The group that a lot of money (and they were making even more) so I wouldnt be surprised if they have turned into something really good, as pristine bhai says.

              My knowledge of Informatics is not current and I havent met any of their graduates either.


                I think the best person who can clearify this with his own work experience is our guppy Umer himself. I hope he gets time to come over here and tell us about it.

                ps. btw Umer I am still waiting for a reply.

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                  Since everybody is calling me, here I am.

                  As who--me said, I am teaching at Beaconhouse Informatics Lahore (Gulberg center) this term as member of the TIP program.

                  What yasir wrote about the Islamabad campus sounds very negative. And I do not doubt, that it might have happened that way, because I have heared some quite negative reports about two of the six campuses of Beaconhouse-Informatics:

                  1) Islamabad
                  2) Lahore (Township center)

                  But the situation there has also improved as compared to some years ago according to talks I had with students from there.

                  However I am teaching at Lahore (Gulberg center), which I think is a very nice place not only for the teacher, but for the students as well.

                  Yasir bhai, just because you had some negative experiences at the Islamabad center, your generalization of accusing the whole organization of Beaconhouse Informatics to be frauds is not fair.

                  My personal experience here at Beaconhouse Informatics Lahore (Gulberg) has been a very positive one and I can assure you, that Dr. Khaver Zia and his team are the nicest people you could imagine. They helped me to get used to the new place and working environment. I am seriously considering to come over here again for another term maybe next year.

                  Umer, the Pakistani Brain of Austria
                  The Pakistani Brain of the Austria (formerly known as "The Pakistani Brain of UAE")


                    Originally posted by Yasir -:
                    I was a student at Informatics-Islamabad from 98 to 99. The place sucked big time.Their campus was in a house tucked away in a back street in G-7

                    Dude, that might be true when you were there, but to what I know Informatics Islamabad campus is one of the most prestigious buildings in Islamabad. Here are a few pictures of Informatics Islamabad campus. To me it looks like an absolute first class education institute. Check it out:



                      nice pictures


                        beaco.. haram.. r there positions at beef house?


                          I have few friends there . The campus is beautiful in the heart if Islamabad (Jinnah Super) . They course they are offering if good as any thing . I do n't know what the position was few years back but I was impressed when I went there few months back .
                          And it's It oriented obviously , as far as programmars go I think they are like leaders i.e Born Programmers you can n't make them but polish them and they have got good polishing tools there .


                            Originally posted by ZZ:
                            beaco.. haram.. r there positions at beef house?
                            how immature and idiotic can u get......


                              Originally posted by ZZ:
                              beaco.. haram.. r there positions at beef house?

                              Umer, the Pakistani Brain of Austria
                              The Pakistani Brain of the Austria (formerly known as "The Pakistani Brain of UAE")