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How does one join the Pakistani Civil Service?

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    How does one join the Pakistani Civil Service?

    assalamu alaykum!

    I wouldn't mind joining the Civil Service of Pakistan but don't know much about it. How does one go about it?

    Any help apprecciated!

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    (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam)

    There is a Federal Public Servies Commission of Pakistan, based in Islamabad, which conducts a CSS (Central Superior Services) Exam every year. This is a competitive exam, from people all over Pakistan and the candidates who score the top marks are then invited for an interview. The total number of candidates who will be called for an interview varies year to year. So generally you have to be within the top 100 people who sat for the exam to be absolutely sure. Now thats a toughie!

    Since the civil service comprises various federal branches/departments, so each candidate can specify his first 3 choices. Based on test score and interview performance, the top candidates get their wish, and those down the line may be placed in their 2nd or 3rd choice departments, depending on the recruitment targets of those departments.

    The exam itself is not uniform. You can decide which (3 optional and a few compulsory) subjects you want to be tested in. And since it is a competitive exam, so its your score that counts, regardless of the subject. Hence a person who selects Chemistry will be competing against another who may have has selected Maths. Just an example. The best and the highest scoring subjects are perhaps, International relations, European and American History etc.

    Depending on which department takes your fancy, some of the choices are Customs and Excise, Foreign Service, Audit and Accounts, Disrict Management Group, Police Service etc. Each of them have their pros and cons. So its your choice.

    The selection process is generally fair, although there are reports of corruption and favoring near and dear ones, but generally if you are really good and score good marks in the test, u can enter the civil service.



      Thanks Pristine

      Er...since I am living in England (I've got dual nationality) how do I go about applying...


        Asif you should be able to take CSS exams at the embassy. additionally make sure you qualify based on age restrictions, they changed them recently.
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          My father worked for the Foreign Services, now retired, but at his time, the exams were not every year like now. Thanks for the info, pristine, very useful.