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    k i've got to do this stupid essay 4 Religious Studies n i neeed help, it's not hard it's just that i've not got the time, it has to be in 4 2day, i'm in a hurray so i need help bad style....please meree madad karo...please....


    "goodness like beauty is purely a matter of personal taste" discuss.......

    just right ne cr*p please, my teachers a bit*h so i'll get bolocked if i don't hand it in...thanx in advance....Allah Hafiz...

    Yes goodness like beauty is the matter of personal taste or else how could Monica return the favour of the President in such a hillarious way?
    had she known the goodness with which Clinton greeted her and held her so high, she should've been but crazy for him but since he fell short of her taste so there he was ending up in giving explanations
    Mere junoon ka na lo imtihaan,


      If you are seriously a student, I wouldn't use the example given above. Don't think the teacher would appreciate it. Here is my serious answer:

      Give three examples why goodness like beauty is personal - I will give you one. Somebody does a good act for someone else and it turns out to have horrendous consequences for some third parties. Do not give examples realting to the current political situation - people will just hijack your time slot for your essay.

      Give three examples why goodness is not personal. For example, some acts are always good, eg forgiving someone for a wrong that they did you. You will feel better and your relationship with them might improve.

      Look at the examples that you have thought of (you have to do some of the work) and decide which ones are stronger - doesn't matter whether you personally believe them or not - and end with that conclusion.

      Do share the essay with us.