Can someone please provide me with some inside information of postgraduate study in Computer Science, course "Information Management" or related to Information Technology in UK.

1. Which are relative good universities in London or London area? But should not be that expensive. Must not be necessary high rated universities. Which are NOT so good unis and should be avoided, names are enough. I have the web sites.

2. Some personal experience what is important to note on the application form? Any tips to make the application look professional !!

3. What should be considered when appling. How are the students choosen from the universities. What are the main criterion?

4. If the personal documents and the certificates are in a foreign language, where can I get translation, should I try the british council?

I need all the information I can get to reflect over further studies. PLZ write me what you think is important, that I should know, would be grateful for any tip that anyone can give.

Thanks in advance

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