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    Any tips..

    for scoring better in MCQ's (Multiple choice questions)? Any strategies or recommendations?

    Originally posted by Qrius:
    for scoring better in MCQ's (Multiple choice questions)? Any strategies or recommendations?

    The mean and the medians for an a-e score sheet is C so if you consistently pick you should get a slightly higher then 20% score.

    If you desire to attain higher levels of knowledge I would advise reading and studying for exams.

    remember if you are doing MCQs the answer is staring you in the face and so dont worry about answers that are out of context. Also sometimes its faster and easier to move backwards from the answers to the question. Also if you have a vague idea of the right answer then eliminate the wrong answers, that gives you a better chance of picking from the right answer.

    PS: reading and studying has consistently been shown to improve peoples results


      Though HMCQs is last name is MCQ but I have to disagree with him on this one.

      Learning is important but at the end of it getting a good grade is nice as well. Uptill june '99 I was a smart person and a just average student. Then I realized that doing an exam is a skill, so now in learning I am same as I used to be but Pretty good in academic results.

      About MCQs:

      First of all Get past papers. Look for people who have done the exam they might have a copy. Libraries Archive them. If its a not so modern subject like chemistry or biology any related collection will do. No examiner will sit down and make 150 questions. They always recycle.

      If they are not negatively marked, you have to attempt all of them ofcourse. But go through the exam quickly and dont stall on questions you dont know. Questions further down the track might give you hints ideas secondly you wont run out of time and miss the ones you could have done. Good way is to allocate time. Total minutes/total questions - a bit of breathing room at the end. So think of 2hrs as 1 hr 45.

      Read all answers before you attempt.

      If you can get a past exam it in exam conditions. This will help you set yur speed.

      Magic Phrases! Phrases which show uncertainity like "may cause" , "maybe" , "can be" , "is possible" are indicative of a positive answer usually (in scientific exams atleast). Phrases like "never" , "can not" , "always" where the examiner has closed all possibilities usually can indicate a wrong answer. A scientist can never shut a possibility. But dont bank on these.

      Then there is elimination. In a lot of mcqs a couple of answers are just absurd. So you can remove them right away. BUT! not so fast. MCQs these days have a lot of tricky hidden wording. Read and analyse every answer individually.

      hmmm what else.... I had one more thing to say...cant remember...

      G'luck .

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        Improve your reading power i.e. read more and practice.


          i close my eyes and guess them all

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            Sorry I haven't read the rest of the replies, but here are my two cents.
            • 1) Read all the options.

              2) Skipping -- I usually skip over those which I can't get in the first thought.

              Then I come back and look at the other, and skip those which I can't get in the secand try.

              And this goes on until only a few minutes are left. Then I start guessing them!

              Basically try not to get pressured by them. Skip 'em if you can't understand them.

              3) I have noticed imporvements if I don't read the ones which contain long text in questions or answers. Cos they usually take longer to figure out.
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              Thanks folks for your input.

              hmcq : i'll try to see the pattern of C next time.

              who--me : yeah, past papers would be helpful..but in my case, they aren't available..coz text books change almost every year/semester and those questions come randomly from a secret data bank that teachers have from publishers.

              khan_sahib : yes i do read the text plenty of times and try my best..but some teachers make the questions very differently and you can't figure out the right answer.

              Puther-Jibraan : i wish it could work in my case.. but guess work only gives me 70% or less.

              ahmadjee : i'll try your idea number #3 next time.


                hmmm gd question i dont know about u lot but i just can not bear to go over my papr again so i just fo thru it and finish it once and for all and wat sucks is i always have 30 min or even 45 mins left behind and Q i have nothing to say just felt like posting a reply
                actually i havent really done much of those because the higher papers here (uk) requier u to write loads so u dont have A,B,C,D or E though it would b fun to write less