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    To graduate or not to graduate

    A few of my friends are in their last one or two semesters before they graduate in Computer Sci./Information Sci./Info. Tech.

    As we all know that the job market is really quinched these days. Folks that graduated in Spring or Summer are still looking for jobs. I even know a girl who can't seem to find a job since December last year!

    The problem becomes more concerning for the International Students as they have only one year of EID (work permit, unless some company agrees to do their H-1 right away) in which they have to find the job!

    Those who are graduating are now thinking of either going striaght to masters or take a semster or two off to prolong their undergrad graduation! Just so the economy and jobs market is back to normal!

    What do y'all think? Is it a good time to graduate with a Computer degree? Should they wait? How long?
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    I think it sounds like a good idea to delay their graduation because of their visa stuff. But if you were an American Citizen I'd tell u to graduate cuz you're bound to find a job.

    That's my 2 cents


      Job market is really tight. I have a cousine and know some of this friends, all in I.T. making 6 figures. Some of those guys are even working in desi gas stations to make ends meet. My wife's been out of work for 5 months now. Just got a part time job as a hair salon store manager!

      If you can delay graduation, do it. You won't either go anywhere if you graduate or be willing to relocate if an offer comes thru. It's a tough market indeet for next 5-6 mos.


        how about you graduate, get ur practical training or EID card and get into masters at the same time !! in this way you can look for a permanent job and go to skool at the same time so your status remains legal and you are also authorized to work if an opportunity comes by ?? my understanding is that the EID card is valid for an year and masters will be atleast 3 semesters or roughly year and a half long so even if at the end of the one EID year you dont have a job then you can graduate in another half year and apply for another practical training card this time on teh basis of your masters and buy one more year for yourself.. this has to be confirmed by your skool if two practical traning cards can be obtained or not so just dont take my word and go for it .. just seemed like the logical option so i list it out.. Thanks for reading..

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          There are many issues to take into consideration for international students. First, if you have enough credits remaining to be able to go full time in one semester, you probably will HAVE to go full time, since thats a pre-req for international students. The have to be full time, unless they are in their last semester, and only have one or two courses to go. I believe that if they dont study full time, they run the risk of going out of status.

          Secondly, for those in their bachelors, they have a lot of time on hand. The best advice for them is NOT to go for their PPT(post practical training) after BSc. If they cant find a job by the time they graduate, they should enroll in a masters program. That will be a PPT, without having to use your PPT. Go through your masters, and at the same time, look for a job. If you get one, you can get an H-1 based on ur bachelors degree. If not, you have 18 months (MSc) + 1 year (PPT), which is plenty of time.


            I suggusted going back for Masters only if they have the money. Usually after their bachlors most International students are drained out!

            Yankee bhai,

            International Students can apply (and get) the EID card only once. Either after there masters or bachlors. So if they can't fine in the first year and go back to school then they are bound of find a company which will do their H-1 before their starting date. Which is hard to find.

            They can, though, get an EID for six months after their bachlors just to give it a try and then go back to masters ... and apply for the rest of the six months after their masters. Don't you think?

            Akif Bhai,

            Yours advice is probably worth forwarding!
            I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
            - Robert McCloskey


              Someone mentioned a shortage of funds as a reason not to go to graduate school. Why not apply for graduate assistantships and research assistant positions which are usually enough to cover your expenses.

              Others mentioned the limited amount of practical training time available which they donít want to waste. Why not just go to Pakistan and work there for a bit, take it easy relax and then come back for masters. And then use practical training time for masters degree later.

              The people who are in limbo are those who donít want to go back to Pakistan, donít want to go to grad school and are trying to preserve their practical training.

              Heck take some time off, go do peace corps, travel the world.
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                Its not about not wanting to go to Pakistan for a while. Its more about the ability to be able to come back. What if they dont get a visa is what they ponder before making that decision.

                Financing for studies at the masters level is not nearly as big a problem as it is in bachelors. Masters program is much shorter....and it allows for research/teaching assistanships as well, as Fraudia mentioned.

                If all else fails, applying for canadian residency has become a popular route for many folks, specially these days, with the economy lagging. But on the same token, canadian immigration has gotten tougher as well. Regardless, its usually not that hard for professional applicants. I have yet to hear of a bachelors/masters degree holder who was refused canadian immigration.