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    Question for ahmadjee!

    hey Ahmad,

    I was wonderng if u could help me out with something ...

    I just finnished high school and was contemplating which profession to pursue ...

    1. Computer Engineer
    2. Software Engineer
    3. Computer Science
    4. Electrical Engineer
    5. Doctor (surgeon after awhile)

    I ask u because from ur other posts it came to my attention that u are a soft eng...

    but help from anyone else will be appreciated too.

    To do in life is to appreciate it. To live life is to lose it. I dont know what I am saying so I will stop saying it.

    hmm, so you've finished highschool and still undecided..

    wouldn't u be starting uni/college in sept? for that u've had to pick a program..
    which one have u picked.

    it shouldn't be a question of which profession is good or bad (well yea.. but not as much) as much it should be of what you're interests are.. what you're good at.

    if computers are your thing.. comp sci is the way to go... like the 85% of the other students coming out of highschool these days.
    engineering.. sure.. if physics and math are your cup of tea. medicine.. why not.. if u don't faint at the sight of blood (well.. actually, that's allowed.. you over-come it later on )

    this is such a typical question highschool students ask their teachers and guidance councellors.. there is never a clear cut answer. sometimes you're so sure of what you want to do and then your first year in university and it hits u. what you've picked is not for u.

    An excellent way to find out if you're cut out for the field that interests you is to take a co-op position through your school or college in that area... or anything.. and you'll find out if it's something you want to do for the rest of your life.


      Dear Brother,

      All the professions and fields that you mentioned are not only highly respected but also have a good job market! So any would do.

      Now, before you fall into the individualistic thoughts expressed by Hayaa here, I would like you to consider your financial status, and what is expected of you from your family.

      Being from the middle class, we always had a hand to mouth situation. We all brothers chipped in. So for me to put myself through school meant working full time along with it! Which I did and it influenced my career choices.

      Avoided Comp. Engineering as the long hours of on Campus lab hindered my extensive work schedule. And being a Doctor would have paid off later but it is a long tiring process.

      If I didn't had any pressures I would have love to do something in Theology or had been a Math nerd.

      If you don't have such obligations then you are free to choose anything. Believe me as long as you are good at what you do ... you will always enjoy it and with a little bit of hard work you will be earning the same as any other field of work!
      I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
      - Robert McCloskey


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          Its the other way around. As long as you enjoy what you do, you will always be good at it because you want to do it.

          People can be good at things they don't enjoy. But they don't have any motivation for them.

          Don't choose any of these things just because they are regarded highly. Choose whatever that interests you.

          My advice is, you will help people what ever profession you choose.

          If you feel like helping more, volunteer, and give to charity. If everyone felt like helping people the world would be in a better shape.


            here is my dilema ...

            1.) computer science ... every joe, dick, harry can take a course in a private school like Devry to take this degree. Add to this the millions of foreign workers from india china etc ... my take alot of people can easily obtain this degree... although the program is amazing and intresting (mathematical theory behind programming etc)

            2.) Computer Engineering- hard for private institutes to offer this degree to anyone... alot more competition therefore less people and thus more demand

            3.) Elec engineering: same as above but this is more in to do with telecomunication etc.

            4.) Software Engineering: relatively one of the more new engineeing programs... looks at the software development from a engineering prespective ... structure, efficiency etc are anayzed etc... a lot of demand for ppl with this degree but the job description is not far off from comp sci and as such may in the future suffer from the same problems as comp sci

            5.) Doctor a lot of respect etc but more then enough schooling required u need to be a doctor type to really like it

            As for getting in to anyone of these... well dont wont be a problem cause my avg is 95%. The same goes for the money I dont have any trouble getting it for the tution and stuff...

            so it boils down to which of these has a better future (keeping in mind the return interms of capital and respect and stature)

            personally I am tending towards Comp Eng

            wat do u ppl think ?

            To do in life is to appreciate it. To live life is to lose it. I dont know what I am saying so I will stop saying it.


              1. Computer Engineer
              2. Software Engineer
              3. Computer Science
              4. Electrical Engineer
              5. Doctor (surgeon after awhile)

              Basicly I did option 3 and am now working specificly related to 2. I will stay far away from option 5. Option 4 is okay i guess. And for option 1, do you like software or hardware/architecture ?


                Computer Science/Software Engineer is very similar and with the great numbers of CS people coming from Pakistan/.India and China this field will start getting filled up in the next two decades or so. However there are lot fewer people with CS and MBA and thats a very worthwile way to go forward and stand out from the crowd.

                Computer Engineer/Electrical Engineering - these two fields are similar as well and relate more towards the hardware aspects of things. In recent years there has been a great deal of resurgence in this field with the use of internet appliances and cell phones coming into use. This is a field that requires strong quantitative background and there are a lot fewer people in it.

                3) Docters - Well this is something that requires a bit of dedication and lot of time spent studying( at least in the US and canada). however the benefits of this are :
                You will NEVER be unemployed and you will always be earning a very respectible salary. You will be highly respected and would also meet a lot of people and make a lot of helpful contacts. Aunts would swoon over you trying to get you hitched The cons: You get to work with people and not everyone lives to see a better day.

                Hope that helps.


                  why limit yourself to these five (well actually three field as 1 and 4, 2 and 3 are fairly similar)

                  As i do not know where you are based (in the world) the advice can't be too targeted. Ideally you should look for a combination degree.

                  computers will be needed in almost all fields so just specialising in it may not be the best thing some years from now as people from other fields will get into software development related to their field.

                  whatever degree you end up deciding on.. make sure you take a major share of humanities classes.. it will make you a more rounded person - and better liked by employers. as you may be a genius in your field.. but if you can't communicate those ideas to colleagues - or are just bad at general team working, the employers will not hire you.. case in point being one of my friends you got a job - the other person was a straight A graduate and had a few years of experience as well.. while my friend had better communication skills and pretty good grades (A;s and B;s)

                  other fields you can look into

                  1. energy management ( big demand in future due to impending eneregy crised)
                  2. public policy
                  3. public relation and media
                  4. journalism (not many unis offer it)
                  5. public administration (MPA)
                  6. other engineering fields, e.g. manufacturing, industrial, mechanical, aerospace, civil, environmental, chemical.
                  7. Geography with computers (GIS - Geographic Information Systems has major demand now.. and it will continue to be so. check out - the leading software producer for such works)

                  and blah blah blah



                    From your post I gather that you want to do something 'different' that also promises you a secure job future! Right?

                    The professions that you listed have a secure job future for sure but not too much individuality. Maybe you can combine one with the other! Like going to Med school but have a second degree in Computer Sci/Software Engineering?

                    I am starting my Masters in EE, as I think doing the Masters in the same major as you bachelors usually isn't a learning experience. Especially if you are doing it from the same university.


                    I agree with what you said!

                    Though, sometimes people have to make a choice looking at the circumstances that they are in.

                    I enjoy what I do as a living!! But I know a few other things that I would have enjoyed even more!

                    So now I do them in my spare time. Like working at Books-A-Million over the weekend, just to be around books! Volunteer at the Red Cross every Sunday Mornings just to give myself a good feeling helping others. Go with the Anthropology club every now and then to dig near the Spanish Forts from 18th century. )
                    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
                    - Robert McCloskey