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Choosing an MBA Minor & a Research Topic for PhD

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    Choosing an MBA Minor & a Research Topic for PhD

    Hey all...
    I'm startin my MBA this fall inshaAllah.
    My major will be E-Commerce & Information Systems.

    Firstly, in addition to the specialization, I'm opting for a minor as well, and am wondering about the best fit to my major.
    Although I got quite a few choices, I've narrowed it down to these:

    -> Marketing
    -> International Business
    -> Operations Management

    just needed some advice on someone who's already out there workin in a similar position. Currently, I work as an E-Business & Internet Services Project Coordinator, doing mainly consulting work for SMEs' who're deploying back-end internet infrastructures. I have a strong technical portfolio and the MBA will hopefully give me a broader perspective to management as such.

    Finally, I am getting quite a few exemptions in the program because of my professional qualifications and I'm going to take up Special Topics Research courses during the years of my MBA. This will hopefully evolve into a PhD thesis where I plan to pursue Information Systems as the area of concentration. If anyone has any suggestions in this regard, please send them my way.


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    Umar International Business is good if you are more into the strategy type mode.

    if you have an interest in customers, business relationships etc marketing may be a good one.

    I think that a technology oriented background goes well with operations since when you get into teh nitty gritty of technology it has huge operational implications, espcially in the area of packaged solutions.

    yo will touch on marketing topics in the general core of MBA anyways and can take one more course as well which will be good. Also, if your interest is not in INternational strategy type role. you would get enough international business stuff laced within your other courses.

    How applicable will be either of those minors once you graduate. International Business tends to be better for people with more experience going into higher positions. Operations and/or finance are a very good entry level MBA options, and marketing is a good in between. thats solely from my experience..heck try one of them career sites for mbas and u can get more info
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